Silly Questions about that famous long range Cr1 shot.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Listy, Dec 25, 2010.

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  1. We all know that the record for longest range Tank kill goes to a Challenger 1 during Desert Storm.
    Does anyone have a decent source for it, including the range? I ask because I keep on hearing numbers from between 4.1Km out to 5 and some change.

  2. IIRC was Scots DG CO's tank,the ellipse displaced well into the HESH scale.
  3. Correct, and it was a T62 mover leaving a revetment, the gunner asked the CO if he could take it on, after he lased/autolayed it hit the hesh scale, (DU loaded) the CO said 'you can give it a go. but I am doubtfull you will hit it' and the rest is history..
  4. That's what the gunner, Mick? told me but I can't remember the range 5100 rings a bell though.....
  5. BiscuitsAB

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    So the British Army holds the records for the longest sniper shot and the longest tank shot. We might not have the most resources but we can still shoot straight!
  6. what would you like to know?
  7. There seems to be some confusion about what happened and what shot etc. the range was just over 5100m. we had finished moving forward and had gone firm. i was scanning the horizon when picked up what i thought to be T62's across the valley. we had been shooting at whatever targets presented. i lased the target and was surprised by the range that came back, we started talking about having a go at the target amongst ourselves and The Colonel ok'ed the shot. it was a normal fin round, and after lasing again i fine laid the elipse onto the target and fired. it was central hit just below the turret, as to whether the target was manned, i don't know.
    however the shot i was really proud of is mentioned by Mad Pierre by mistake,which was a T62 mover reversing up and out of a hull down position at about 1500m, and was hit with a HESH first round through the top of the turret, again fine laid without autolay, never did like it much. hope this helps. i was always a lucky gunner.
  8. Longest tank on tank shot. An Israeli tank knocked out a Syrian tractor at 13km. Took a few rounds, mind.

  9. oh here we go, yank turns up and HAS to try spoil the claim. Jealousy is a terrible thing....

  10. Yanks have the record for blue on blue
  11. If you just spray willy nilly you're bound to hit something eventually.
  12. That pretty much summed up my love life at University...
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  13. Sorry Buddy, got them mixed up... We were too busy emptying 200 rounds of coax at a Jerboa that kept appearing on a berm in front of us at the time.... Never did get that bloody Jerboa.. :)