silly question?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by crafty1987, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. hi everyone, first post!
    i am currently in the process of joining, passed the pre-selection course at bramcote yesterday, just waiting for my medical to clear so i can get a date for asdc..
    are you allowed to where a watch in day to day work?
    my 21st coming up and was going to get a decent one for that if its allowed., got told to take the one i was wearing off yesterday for the p.t side of things!
    cheers in advance!
  2. Incoming!

    Yes but not for pt
  3. ok cheers.
    any1 no of any good watches for army life? budget of around 200 quid!
  4. Casio digital, about a tenner from Argos. Don't want to get a 200 note watch wrecked or nicked in training do you?

    I wear a Timex Expedition chronograph for work, tells the time accurately and has a indiglo backlight, an alarm and other little spinny faces for split times and the like that I've never used. Never done me any wrong, only cost about 40 quid.
  5. What he said
  6. yeah suppose mate,,,was just thinking something slighty better made and abit more durable would be better suited!
    but guess your right realy,,,especially if any of the little scroats off the pre-selection are about!!!
  7. Agree with above mate, dont know which mob you are joining but by your user name I would stab a guess at REME (good lad ;) )

    tenner watch for work and hacking around the tank park and save your shiny best one for pulling birds when you are out on the town :)
  8. I wear a suunto,made in finland. They are very robust watches and range from about £100-400. have a look on
    The one I wear is the vector.
  9. royal armoured corps mate, the nicknames something iv used online for years,,goes back to my early fishing days!
    back to square one with what to get for the big day now! just the money for beer and lap dances by the looks of it then!
  10. Trying to say this isn't durable?? It's a Challenger 2 of a timepiece on an indestructable (and rather tasteful :wink: ) strap!

    Seriously mate, this is ideal.

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  11. just meant in general mate,,not yours! liking the look of the suunto ones though!
  12. and does anybody use the little dials at all???? :?
  13. I've always used a g-shoch for about £60 good watches can take a ******* hammering
  14. G shock are good
  15. err... A budget watch for around £200? are you sure that is budget price? lol