Silly drunken antics...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KeepCalmCarryOn, May 23, 2009.

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  1. We have all been there. Its the next morning, and youve awoke with a mouth like Ghandi's flip flop, a raging headache, and a memory of doing something daft.
    This morning i woke up and went to run my hand over my head. As my hand touched my head, i knew immediately something was wrong. In a blind panic, i frantically rushed to the nearest mirror...
    I do remember riding a mountain bike back to camp (my own, not a stolen one), but when the feck did i think it would be a good idea to give myself a Mohican??? So now im here with a No.1 all over, i look like an refugee who needs locking up, and im sporting a terrible hangover.

    Anybody else woke up in the morning and realised they did something they shouldnt?
  2. Wheree's the photo of the Mohawk???
  3. I regularly suck off tramps and winos in parks when i'm drunk.

    I also wank them off with my bum cheeks.

    I do regret it the next morning though.
  4. C'mon lets see that Mohawk then :p :p
  5. The morning after I enlisted.

    And again, the morning after I PVR'd.
  6. Its too late i cut the thing off. The SSM is going to have a shit fit on wednesday. Would of been funny though. Im thinking about wearing a really long wig. When told to get a haircut, ill just take it off and show a totally shaven head. Think that will work?
  7. I don't believe you.

    If however, you stated that you'd woken up in the morning with a used condom hanging out of your gaping anus I would have.

    You mohican walt.
  8. ffs, don't let Jarrod know :wink:
  9. Why? it shows that care in the community is still big within the serving forces environment and it demonstrates a kinky side........ you saucy tramp blower
  10. I regret falling asleep on that park bench on the way home from the pub.
  11. I constantly wake up with a fiery arrse and two tubs of empty vaseline lying next to my bed. No idea what has happened. One time I even woke up smothered in olive oil with a polaroid of a Taiwenese tom-boy sporting a massive erection on the pillow next to me. The worst time had to have been when I found a sainsbury's free range egg half way out of my japs eye.
  12. At least when I woke up in the stable I did have the excuse that it was Cavalry Regiment.
  13. I'm actually Vietnamese...
  14. And I deliver eggs for Sainsbury's.....
  15. One Sunday afternoon in the local the landlord decided I was not capable of walking home and gave me a lift as far as the park 100m from the house. He dropped me off and I managed the 100m in 1.5 hours..........not a clue. Woke up the following morning with a healthy shade of yellow skin and Ghandi's complete shoe rack in my mouth plus a very marked absence of hair. Apparently, the moment the clippers came out ST (Stupid Tawt) was off the blocks like Lynford Christie with a Sidewinder up his arrse.........