Silly Cow

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invicta, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. The link below is to an article in 'The Press' (local newspaper in York). It's an interview with Karen Battams, a mother who complains that her child's talking bear toy says '****', which is clearly doesn't. Anyway, if you scroll down to the video clip, you can see the lovely Karen in full righteous indignation mode complaining about the potty mouthed bear. She bemoans the fact that her child is at an impressionable age and could repeat anything she hears, blah, blah, blah - and then says '****' twice herself, all the time with her little darling dangling on her knee. Clearly a 'Meet the Fockers' moment. Silly Cow.

    Shock after My Pal Scout puppy toy

    Have a look at the comments that 'sympathetic' contributors have left on the website.

    Silly Cow
  2. clearly says bark

    I genuinely hate these people, hate them with a passion look at the husbands face in the photo I just want to stamp on his skull.

    I recall someone mentioning the use of death squads for chavs and the like. Hopefully these would make the list as well
  3. Here husband looks familiar, but mainly becuase he looks like a drug dealer we had in the place I work (Work with a lot of crims). Maybe if she showed off her huge flabby boobs people might be a bit more kind to her??!!

    Can I ask Jebote - Dali Govorim Hrvatski???? Just wondered where your user name came from that's all!!
  4. The first time it says it, it could sound a little like '**** with me'. The B isn't very clear on the word bark.

    Oh well.
  5. Lovely little boy; so sad about his parents!