Silent Witness - Fiction reflecting reality

Did anyone else think that the last Silent Witness reflected reality a bit too closely. You know, Gazelle pilot, has a drink at lunchtime, falls asleep at the collective and stoofs in! With the age of most Gazelle pilots they wouldn't even need the alcohol to assist. A little milky coffee and then a quick nap between Netheravon and Wilton. Admittedly I have a little snooze while sat above Belfast but it was very early in the mronign and the stick monkey in the right hand seat appeared to have it under control when I woke up.

It's like that joke - "My dad used to be a Gazelle pilot and when I die I would like to go the same way he did .... quietly in his sleep. Not screaming and crying like the GOC in the back."
Reminds me of the time i saw the Pilot of a Chinook, turn to his Co Pilot and laugh after a huge clunk was heard whilst banking!
One of my mates is self-loading baggage on Hercs. He tells the story of waking up once over the Med on the way to Akrotiri only to find the rest of the crew gonked out. Departed at sparrowfart (as the Cyprus trip always does so as to get there before the siesta) after a particularly heavy night on the lash.

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