Silent Witness - BBC 1 Now (17 Jan - 2100)

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by STILTS, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Just watching this, looks like an Afgan senario, the kit they are using is up to date i.e, Osprey PRR A2 rifles SBSF mags and BFA etc!!!!

    bloody hell someone in TV has got the right kit for a TV show!!!

  2. Apart from the head's always wrong.
  3. True, with RMP looking more like ANA!!

  4. Saw that one - not to mention the fact that all the squaddies were from the Blankshires (ok, supposedly the Hertfords, who haven't existed since 1958) and the fact that the victim carried a pistol with which he could be shot in the head at close range leaving two very nice drill-bored holes and one bullet still inside, not to mention 99% of head still there... maybe not the best personal protection weapon?
  5. ...and the crappy Majors crowns as capbadges, a 32 yo Lt Pl Comd, a decripid OC, a DC that gave so much lip to a phorensic pathologist that I am amazed she didn't end up on a slab, officers in soldiers quarters (mind you the huge crack on the wall inside was very realistic), Pl Comd driving, half the platoon in the surgical tent...but actually a relatively sympathetic story line so far and not bad for mainstream TV.

    Anyone know where it was shot? I thought some bits might be Collie?


  6. It has some way to go to reach the depths plumbed by "Any Human Heart". They did get it all right, including different rank insignia for RN and RNVR, until the bit aboard the "destroyer" that was actually aboard some sort of wooden motor yacht. There's our happy crew, steaming towards the Bahamas with the White Ensign fluttering on the Jackstaff at the front of the ship.

    I haven't seen a cockup like that since I got the morning watch on my first night aboard a warship and "hung the flags up" (as I wrote in the log) at 0600 because it was getting light.
  7. The external shots of the running man appear to have been filmed in the Married Quarter area of Inglis Barracks Mill Hill. I recognise an area of 'Warren Way' where the children appeared on the top of the embankment.
  8. Part two just starting on TV

  9. Bloody hell Don...what's your middle name - TV Times or Sky Plus?

    What a bloody useless post!


  10. Pot? Kettle?

    Edit to add: I was wrong. Your sig makes every post you make worth reading ....
  11. Probably the crappest 'Silent Witness' I've seen to date. Yet they are all brilliant. I suppose it's a case of 'picking' where things aren't just like that. As someone has hinted at... Can't they just get one military advisor/expert who can at least point out that a beret as worn by Michael Crawford in Oooo Betty /Do 'Ave 'em is just not, and never has been, cricket. That's just one of many. Hate to think of a real Pathologist watching the series though... nodding and winking at the perfection of displaying realism.
  12. Never mind the storylines............

  13. just a heads up...she's been in the Daily Wail this week in a bikini :D
  14. mmmmmm Emilia Fox

    Bikini Malfunction
  15. I think they had to make up a regiment because no unit would have wanted to be associated with it/they couldn't be bothered asking (Frost or someone once used the Grenadiers, I remember). The credits list had a 'military advisor' - I think most of it was pretty decent and the rest was playing to stereotypes and drama somewhat (the wise, old senior officer, the rupert who was 'one of the lads', and the whole drama in the tent was quite important to make the events seem realistic) - except the odd mong beret. Far better effort that a lot of what's on TV.