Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hellfyyr, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. All (MODs particularly take note),
    We have received a great deal of traffic from a troll with accounts in the name of SILAS and RUPERTO, he has posted in the RLC area and various other locations; simply cutting and pasting apparent mis-carriages of justice and conspiracy theory type stuff. He also posts links to forces helpline and some other crap site.

    Please ignore this guy, do not rise to his bait; he will get bored and leave. MODs if you can use your special powers and delete the accounts so much the better, he has already received an "Oxygen Thief" from Darth Doctrinus, which is a step in the right direction.

    Be safe guys, Def Con Troll alert set at 3!

    I don't want to ever see another topic starter like this in Current Affairs. It gave the people concerned, exactly all the oxygen they needed.

    Deletion pending
  2. Aka Troll here, fool.

    You do have a forum owner do you not?
    Ask him where my IP trace locate is.

    There's a good fool!
  3. Why, whats the point. I don't care who you are or where your posting from, you have proved yourself to be a right tosser and in need of serious councelling. Whats up? Failed all you A levels, so need to take it out on annonymous grown adults?

    Just leave & don't ever address me!
  4. Good Grief Disco;
    May I ask How the hell you knew?
    I thought all info was privileged?

  5. May I make a suggestion?

    Ignore silas/ruperto at all costs.......

    Eventually they'll get bored and go away, at the moment i'm just trying not to rise to it. Right now however i'm sat here gritting my teeth, clenching my fists and resisting the temptation to smack the sh*t out of my monitor.

    Ruperto/Silas, either you are the same person, or you are two troll idiots from another site with nothing better to do.

    In either case, disappear back down whichever hole you crawled from, you are not welcome.

  6. Sorry Ruperto/Silo
  7. Good heavens, me thinks the name of the forum is well named.
    Let anyone dare to step outside of your scope of intelligence, and they are blasted.

    No wonder you have your Deepcuts.

    I'll lay odds half of you were trainers there.
    Which would make a very interesting story, don't you think, Dumb Ass?!
  8. and you disco I take it are the forum owner?

  9. You truely are a fcukwit of the highest order
  10. Another cretinous journo has entered it seems.
    Why is it that this site attracts so many mongs who twhink it is fun to type retarded messages and witty one-liners in order to impress squaddies.
    May i suggest you investigate sex and travel you two.
  11. You have absolutley no idea how the Army works do you? I would say the number of people on this entire board that would be eligable to be 'instructors' at Deepcut are very few.

    & there is no way you are a journo, because you are clearly illiterate.
  12. No I am not the site owner, just poking some fun at your inane posts.

    This is the right place for "reasoned" debate but you having taken the completely wrong approach. You have taken a position of flammitory posts aimed at baiting people to reply in a predicatable manner, well done you must be real proud.

    Becuase of your attitude to the subject you will not be taken seriously. Topics such as Deepcut are very sensitive. Careshould be taken becuase you have no way of knowing just who is reading your words and how they can hurt or offend.

    If you are serious about getting a point across then stop posting in a trolling manner, take a step back and THINK before you post.
  13. The language says it all!
    There are more letters in the Alphabet, more than F anyway.
    They do say a persons language denotes their intelligence.

    I now realise the problem.
    I need to write just a tad slower, so you can understand better.

    T.H.E. C.A.T. S.A.T. O.N. T.H.E. M.A.T.

    T.H.E.R.E. I.S. T.H.A.T. B.E.T.T.E.R. ?
  14. Ruperto you are not learning this lot how to read are you they may begin to understand what we are on about