Silas and Ruperto

Whilst I don't mind discussion of "hot topics" related to the RLC in my forum, I won't tolerate baiting for whatever purposes. 2 users, Silas and Ruperto are trawling the internet looking for a bite. I dno't know what their agenda is, but it certainly isn't promoting any sort of debate about bullying, intimidation, or the treatment of recruits either in the ATR or who are holding.

Nothing I have seen posted by either of these 2 "users" has been of any value in terms of discussion and so I've deleted the threads. I will continue to delete anything I see as trolling or baiting behaviour on this forum. If either user has something useful to add to the discussion of these serious issues, then I'd be pleased to see it.
Doubt it. Have seen their carp posted here and it's better off deleted. Would be even better if no-one replied at all. The slightest reply will be a victory on their part.

I encourage that the oxygen theif symbol access to be given to all mod's to identify this riff raff to all, better still, just binn them if trollism is detected. Binning them will stop the stupid pm's. Rant over. Please excuse.
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