Sikorsky S-92 Coastguard helicopters grounded in Scotland



All coastguard rescue helicopters in Scotland have been grounded because of safety fears.

Air safety officials have ordered replacement parts be fitted to Sikorsky S-92 aircraft following a crash off Newfoundland last week.

Seventeen people died when the aircraft came down in the Atlantic on 12 March.

The UK coastguard agency operates four S-92s based on Shetland and Lewis. The RAF and Royal Navy will continue to provide emergency cover.

A preliminary investigation into the crash in Canada suggested a gearbox mounting stud had failed.

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) spokesman said replacement parts should arrive on the islands "within a day or so" but the helicopters could be out of action for several days while they are fitted.

He said: "We have a responsibility to our crews. We have to ensure that the helicopters are safe.

"The MCA are now working closely with the Ministry of Defence to provide cover for the islands from Lossiemouth and Prestwick."

In the meantime, RAF and Royal Navy helicopters would provide emergency cover, he said.

Coastguard helicopters in England are of a different type and are unaffected.


Very informative thread running on Pprune regarding the recent S92 loss en route to the Hibernia off Newfoundland, sadly not as happy an ending as the recent Super Puma ditching in the North Sea ..

Some of the comments from current S92 Pilots regarding the airframe are a bit shocking to say the least. Not a Pilot so I wont comment on the technical side of things but as an occasional passenger flying offshore some of the opinions from the drivers do not instill confidence in the airframe.
Makes a good arguement to have a mix of airframes available for the task so that operations can continue when things go pear shaped.
so what happens in 4 years time when a S92 piles in, the Coastguard grounds their S92s again and there are no RN or RAF SAR Helis to take over?
Use the other coastguard A129s? the ones that can't do specialist night rescue due to "teething problems"?