Sikhs in the Int Corps??

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by sandhujatt, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, I recently went through my selection process and have been offered a job in the Int Corps. I start my Phase 1 in late november at Winchester. During my interview the interviewing officer told me that I would be the first sikh to join the Int Corps in it's history. He said that he checked through the records and couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise, i wonder if anyone knows anything different? Thanks all.
  2. Good for you if that is the case. Best of luck
  3. Absolutely no idea, but would think probably none since 1945 - and they would have been Indian Army, come to think of it. Whichever, how fantastic to be the first wearer of the turban in cypress green. Welcome aboard, if you have half as much fun as I did in my time, you'll be doing well.

    Are you planning to go to the darkside - i.e. become a linguist, at all, he enquired innocently...
  4. why is that the dark side?lol. Well i scored quite high on my MLAT meaning I can study any language and put myself forward for arabic. The interviewing officer advised me that I am capable of doing other jobs and have the potential to do other jobs and to not commit myself to linguistics straight away.hmm.
  5. that would be a negative, there is a sikh lad in the TA Int Corps.

    however, you may be the first sikh regular so welcome aboard!!
  6. He does have a marvellous cypress green turban!
  7. Well done mate - well done. My Uncle Albert [no, not just made that up...] was in the Lancashire Fusiliers in India and Burma during WW2. He had a great deal of praise for his Sikh infantry colleagues -- great soldiers.

    All the best for your future career!
  8. Good for you and good luck mate. Do yourself and the British Army proud.
  9. Well, don't dismiss linguist immediately. Fantastic opportunities to do all manner of entertaining stuff, plus you get a taste of regimental life (OK, it's often just R Signals, but still quite good fun) and some seriously interesting jobs.

    No disadvantage post-Service, either...
  10. Working with the Sigs isn't ALL bad.
  11. Good luck, 'ol boy. Being a pioneer is no easy task. Don't let those who come after you down.
  12. Better choice than RMP - a bright red turban!!??
  13. it must be old age or dsylexia kicking in, but i thought we had loads of sikhs in the corps already? they get together every january i think, usually for a couple of weeks somewhere snowy.

    it's called INTSIKH, if i recall correctly...

    *groan* - coat, gone :)
  14. Fcuking hell have they moved the pioneers to the int corps?