Sikhs at War: WWI and WWII

Not at all amiss, IMO, but fairly predictable in its tone and sentiments, e.g. ‘the best’, ‘the bravest’ and other terms prevalent among the young/’boys own’ genre.

However, well worth the Indians banging the drum because they are overshadowed by those who continuously shout – the Jews, the Polaks and of course the Septics (who saved our ass). And, as suites the purpose of the shouters, they are brought into the ‘black’ contribution when usually in most other respects they are not included in ‘black’ among Afro-Caribbeans – but then in the same vein even Nepalese and Māori can suddenly find themselves re-labelled ‘black’ :omg:

At the time of WWII, while Commonwealth Canada, Oz and Kiwi elected to make a declaration of war, India was still Empire so had no choice to make. They were ‘at war’ as soon a Britain declared war, and did their considerable bit. :salut:



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I know it's been stated before on previous threads but I've always thought the MOD were missing a trick by not creating a modern Sikh Regiment.

Similar to the Gurkhas but recruited from Sikh communities within the UK. I'm sure if young Sikhs knew they were joining a unit where their piers where from a similar background as themselves, they would be joining in droves.

It works for the Jocks.
I see your point Ravers, and agree in some respects. Perhaps a problem though is that Gurkhas (Nepalese) and Scots are centred on National aspects while a Sikh Regt would be on religion?


Hmmm……how about a gay Unit??? :omg: (waits for comments we already have one :roll: )


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