Sikh Turban


Just wondering if anyone would be able to provide a NSN for a QARANC Turban for one of my collegues?? He was recently told by his boss that he had to replace his existing turban.

Any help would be greatly received.

I found this:

NSN: 8305-99-862-1576
Specification: 8879A
D of Q: EA
Cost Guide: £3.13
PPQ: 001
Description: Cloth, Plain Weave. Lightweight cotton, blue. Used for turbans
Nice one. Thanks for the quick reply!!

If you don't mind me asking, where did you find this?? I've been searching DII for about 2 hours and couldn't find anything
In JSP768 which you probably found.

You would think that a turban would be in Section 3/9: Ceremonial Headwear, Caps and Berets but it isn't. Neither is it in Section 3/10: Parade Dress No1 and No3 Dress. Eventually I found it in Section 3/1: Materials, Ribbons and Trimmings.

Top tip, in a PDF file, press Ctrl F and a search box opens, which I used to search for "turban" in a few sections before I found it in Section 3/1.

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