Sikh riot theatre stages play about Muslim brothels

Riot police needed again?

A theatre which was forced to axe a play after a riot by Sikhs is to risk controversy again by staging a new drama about Muslim brothels.

The new play, Bells, by a young Anglo-Pakistani playwright, Yasmin Whittaker Khan, will expose the secret world of the "mujra", or courtesan house.

It shows how Muslim girls find themselves trapped, and exposes the hypocrisy of the otherwise religious men who visit them.

The play, featuring "non-graphic" sexual scenes, is set in a fictional British "mujra" and opens at the Birmingham Rep Theatre on Wednesday.

The same theatre became a battleground shortly before Christmas.

For several nights, angry Sikhs protested against the play Behzti - Punjabi for "dishonour" - a black comedy depicting rape and murder in a Sikh temple. Sikhs said the play was grossly insulting to their faith.

The demonstrators eventually stormed the Birmingham Rep, throwing missiles and breaking windows. Behzti was cancelled and its female playwright, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, went into hiding after receiving death threats.

Whittaker Khan told The Telegraph yesterday that there was no comparison between portraying sexual abuse and murder in a holy place and showing the low life of a brothel.

Whittaker Khan said: "Is it safe to put it on? Yes, I hope that it will be safe. The theatre has thought about it and they do think it is safe.

"The play is provocative. I don't mind if there are peaceful protests although I can't see why there should be."
Theatre protest?
Yasmin Whittaker Khan? Is that the pseudonym that Salman Rushdie is using these days? How to win friends and influence people

The theatre better get an account with the glaziers ready for when the locals stuff the windows in again
Lets hope the rozzers are ready for the law breaking Muslims, in this instance I hope the rozzers deal with them very very hard, with much blood spilt by the miscreants.


Apparantly next month they intend to perform 'The 39 Steps' and 'The Pope is a Fenian C&nt'.
Biscuits_AB said:
Apparantly next month they intend to perform 'The 39 Steps' and 'The Pope is a Fenian C&nt'.
You think Mr Adams and Mr McGuiness will be star guests at the premier? :twisted:
Perhaps the police and some lawyer type should get a private viewing of this play and decide whether it is likely to break any race relations/incitment to violence/hatred laws before unleashing it upon the general public. That way anybody misbehaving on the night can be dealt with in a firm and swift manner.

Not sure I am in favor of religeously contentious plays therefore I will not be seeing it just as I have avoided Jerry Springer etc. That, of course, is my choice and I strongly defend the right to make that choice on my own without being threatened with violence by those who don't like it. Those who it offends should protest in a legal and peaceful manner as is their right.

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