Sikh regiment dumped over racism fears

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. A superb Idea

  2. Typical White British Racism

  3. Commission for Racial Equality should decide all of Britain's defence policy

  4. A brilliant idea that would actually help UK ethnic minorities

  5. Why do we actually need an Army?

  6. Its racist not to have one! Can we have three?

  1. Defence chiefs have abandoned plans to raise a regiment of British Sikhs amid fears that the move would be branded racist.

    The proposal to create the regiment, reminiscent of those that fought for Britain in the two world wars, was dropped by the Ministry of Defence after discussions with the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE).

    Sikh leaders had informed Army recruitment officers that they could easily find enough volunteers to form a 700-strong regiment. However, despite the infantry being under strength by 3,000 soldiers, the offer was rejected.

    Lieutenant General Sir Freddie Viggers, the Adjutant General with responsibility for recruitment, is understood to have accepted the argument put forward by race commissioners at the CRE that creating a Sikh regiment would be divisive and amounted to "segregation".

    Leaders of Britain's 500,000 Sikhs were supportive of the idea of a new regiment, arguing that it would be no different from the Scots, Welsh and Irish Guards or the Royal Gurkha Rifles, which recruits exclusively from Nepal and which is regarded as a model infantry regiment.

    The decision to shelve the plans was last night criticised by politicians, members of the Sikh community and soldiers, who claimed that the Army had fallen victim to political correctness.

    Kuljit Singh Gulati, the general secretary of the Sikh Temple in Shepherd's Bush, west London, said: "The Sikhs have a long and distinguished heritage of serving with the British Army.

    "I know there are many, many Sikhs who would join up and would serve wherever required. But if you want to get them in large numbers they need their own regiment, something they would take a huge amount of pride in.

    "They would regard it as very prestigious. It is a shame that it now looks as though it will never happen."

    A senior Army officer said: "The MoD has missed a golden opportunity in not tapping into the Sikh community's desire to form a regiment. It's nonsense to suggest this would amount to segregation and since when did the CRE dictate Britain's defence -policy?"

    The decision will also dismay Prince Charles, who has expressed an interest in the creation of dedicated units to boost the number of people from ethnic minorities in the services and to harness the military tradition of the Sikh faith in particular.

    Last year, the armed forces were ordered to meet tough targets to recruit more men and women from ethnic minorities.

    A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "The creation of a Sikh Regiment has been considered by the Army policy staff responsible for both equality and diversity issues, who went on to consult with the Commission for Racial Equality.

    "Both agreed that grouping ethnic minorities runs counter to the Armed Forces philosophy that seeks to include, not exclude, and extend opportunities."

    A CRE spokesman said: "We would not support any policy that seeks to isolate specific groups in the Armed Forces or wider society. :lol:

    "The creation of a separate regiment according to ethnicity would be segregation, which amounts to discrimination under the Race Relations Act. Anything that creates separation between regiments can only have a detrimental effect upon our Armed Forces' operational effectiveness."

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  2. To be completely honest, i would suggest against any sort of single religion / background regiment (Yes im aware the Gurkha's have been doing it for years) but only on the grounds that a political situation could change (Unlikely in the case of Sikh's) and then you could well have a whole regiment turned around and charging the other direction.
  3. Can we have our own muslim suicide bomber coy. Ironing their kit might be a bit of a drama.
  4. Grenades in a command tent, anyone?
  5. It seems to me that it would be slightly strange to recruit a single battalion regiment (700 men) from one religion/ethnic group just after having amalgamated and reduced a number of such traditionel Home Nations regiments. This would make a mockery of all the arguments used at the time especially Arms Plotting. Obviously recruiting wasn't the issue otherwise MOD wouldn't have gone through with it.

    In addition, who would provide the officers and NCOs for this Regiment or do they propse to create it with its own?

    Nice idea I suppose but naaah!
  6. Can't see a problem with it myself.

    I would imagine such a unit would be very well supported.

    As for grenades in to command tents? Come on, that was one man.

    If the leaders of the community don't see a problem with it, then let's do it.

    The CRE assertations that it would be divisive is complete rubish.

    Besides, it would take what?, 22 years before there was a 100% Sikh infantry Bn, and even then there would be a number of support arms posted in.
  7. clearly we need Professor Holmes to come and teach our leaders some history!

    Wasn't it the Sikhs who stayed loyal during the India Mutinies of 1857?

    The British Indian army took part in three Anglo-Afghan wars with the help of the Sikhs of Punjab.

    First Anglo-Afghan War - 1839 to 1842
    Second Anglo-Afghan War -1878 to 1881
    Third Anglo-Afghan War - 1919

    So they do seem to have the credentials. As for national integration - what better way than having a Bn of men (who are not going to be suicide bombers because of their religion) coming to serve our country as menbers of our nation - thats unity!
  8. Some people are just showing thier ignorance by posting about Muslim suicide bombers and this Sikh regiment in the same sentance. Correct me if I am wrong but Sikh have a great reputation as warriors and I know thousands died fighting for Great Britain during WW2. As someone has already said you cannot just make a complete regiment of sikh's right away, who are the NCO's going to be? However not as silly an idea as people may think.
  9. Where exactly would these Sikhs come from - I ask because the Armed forces cannot meet their own ethnic quota as it is, the main reason being Ethnic minorities do not wish to join. Would that mean recruiting from abroad and having 700 more mouths to feed/house etc etc - b4 their families arrive that is........ Thank god it was binned.
  10. i keep checking the date,,, its not april the first is it,,
    only the british army could even think along these lines after sqeezing fijien sodiers into every corps and regiment,, and not giving them any identity- and disbaning gurka regiments..and..home county regiments also getting chopped...lets ask the americans if theyed like to reform an eagle sqn for the raf,,,,,or an australian regiment,,, must be enough living in earls court area,,,
  11. or polish regiment.... they helped in wwii also,,, were would it end....
  12. They are fecking British you daft tw@t.Read the post .
  13. I think this is a great shame. We have been recruiting this way for much of our history and we have always recruited people from similar ethnic and social backgrounds...

    The Tyneside Irish/Scottish battalions.
    What are London Irish/London Scottish if they are not groups of immigrants recruited into a single battalion for a sense of common identity?

    There were Jewish Battalions in WWI and WWII raised from London (Royal Fusiliers)...

    We've missed a trick, I think.