Sikh knives

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chef, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. I don't know if I've missed it on here, but the senior Asian judge has said that a school which has banned a Sikh pupil from bringing in a 5 inch ceremonial knife shhould let him do so.

    Now bearing in mind all the tra la about knife crimes this seems a bit silly; if it is only ceremonial than couldn't a cluedo sized item do?

    The second thought was this, when Sikhs fly to India are they allowed to carry their 5 inch blades? If so where does that leave aircraft security? If they have to surrender them, then why can't the pupil surrender his until going home time?
  2. I think it's fcuking disgraceful. Why should a sikh be above the law? They shouldn't even be allowed to carry it in the street, unless they allow any other person in the country to aswell!
  3. It's all part of the culture of not causing "offence", for some reason it's your right to go through life without being offended. It's woolly thinking like this that allowed Ali Dizaei to carry on for so long.
  4. Don;t care what some judge thinks, carry a shive all the time.
  5. Aparently Sikhs in jail get to wear a plastic version.

    None story really, no doubt the daily wails doing

    Exactly no sikh school kids have been recorded as involved in Knife crime, ever
  6. I could be totally wrong but these knives are completely symbolic, available 100% blunt or welded into the sheath....surely no problem?
  7. Try telling this one to shut it and sit down in class

  8. Why not, the Jocks can still wear Sgian Dubhs or Dirks openly on the streets, as long as it's part of traditional dress.
  9. An armed society is a polite society.

    Well, unless it's in Africa of course.......
  10. I read a comment left by a Sikh about this. He stated there are 5 things you have to wear/carry about. He carries a knife, a tiny miniature one like a small trinket, and that is how most mainstream Sikh's do it.

    Thinking about it, it may have been a link on here somewhere.....

    He followed up with Christians wear a small cross, they don't carry an 8ft wooden one :D
  11. Not many of them get to force their schools to allow them to carry it on a daily basis though.
  12. If the picture in this link is anything to go by it doesn't look very blunt
  13. No they can't
  14. As quoted to me when in Edinburgh "We're allowed to wear them as long as they stay sheathed" Sparky 2239 will back me up on this
  15. Strange, because this comment seems to suggest they are not happy with trinkets.