Siigns seen on the side of the road

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Art828, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Looking for funny (ish) signs seen on the side of the road. Here's two for starters:
    1. Outside a sad looking pub in Malvern c 1998 'Customers required - enquire within'
    2. On a main road leading into Glenridding, Lake District c1994 ' Tek care sheep ont road'
  2. Signs for campsite...

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  3. No-one put up "Wankum" or "Ausfahrt" yet???

    This one always makes me chuckle:

  4. On a menu outside a street cafe in Thesellonika, Greece c 2004:
    Banana Milk Shake ........(price)
    Strawberry Milk Shake...........(price)
    Chocolate Milk Shake..........(price)
  5. This one makes me chuckle;

  6. img_0474.jpg

    Methinks the sign writer had never owned a cat.
  7. Here's a popular one where I come from,

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  8. With The Fist?
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  9. Saw 2 while in Cornwall
    Slow Down For Ducks Sake and
    Slow Down For Fox Sake!
    And this one of course
    Me Orkney.jpg
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  11. Says it all really !

  12. P6260071.jpg

    There's one i took in Turkey in June.