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If you decide to take the first step, there is no point in writing or telephoning the Legions Headquarters or the Recruitment Offices, as the answers given are very basic. If however you wish to write or telephone, then you should address your questions to:

Chef du Bureau de Recrutement
de la Legion Etrangere
Quartier Vienot
13400 Aubagne France

Tel: France (0033) 4 42 18 82 57

Click here to view a copy of the letter that you will receive from the Legion:

Once the recruit has decided to join, then they should tell someone that they intend to join, as the Legion will not release any information about the recruit without prior consent from that recruit.

What should I take with me?

Identification Papers: - Passport, Driving License, Identity Card / Papers, Military Discharge Certificates.

A little money, phone cards, and enough to buy necessities.

A good pair of running shoes.

The 16 other recruitment office’s situated around France (See Recruitment Offices, France being the only place that a recruit can join from), to join what is known as the "Selection Procedure" at the "Center de Selection et Incorporation or CSI", which is stationed at the headquarters at Aubagne. Your passport will also be removed until a recruit decides to leave within the three weeks selection procedure and once after signing the contract will only be returned on completion of the five-year contract.

(For British Citizens-Lillie is the nearest office).

Should a potential candidate decide to go to Aubagne directly then it will cut out 2-3 days administration at one of the " recruiting centres". A recruit may well stay up to a week at a recruitment office before being moved to Aubagne. Once at Aubagne the recruit will be known as an Engage Volontaire (EV’s).

The potential candidate is now walking into the unknown for this process raises the eyebrows of the raw recruit.

There are detailed security checks by the BSLE (unofficially named "Gestapo") and medical examinations, along with a psycho-technical exam. This process can take anything up three to five weeks, personal items, passports, clothes are taken away. Only returnable if the candidate is unsuccessful. For the period spent at Aubagne there are many duties to be undertaken. The Legion is now very selective, long gone are the days when you would hear "if you’re a criminal you get in". 15 to 30 candidates out of 500 are successful.

For the first week a new recruit ("Engage Volontaire") will be issued with a tracksuit, (the only items of kit that may be retained by a recruit are toiletries, a watch, underwear and socks and a French dictionary / phrasebook), which identifies him as just, arrived. During the second week a recruit will be issued with combats and will wear a green flash on the shoulder. At the third week stage an Engage Volontaire will wear the same combats changing the green flash to red flash on the epaulettes.

An Engage Volontaire is assigned a partner known as your "Binome". There is a routine of lining up in the Corridor and calling out from left to right a number. The number starts at one end of the line and continues up to however many there are in your group this is known as the "Apel". The Apel is undertaken twice a day once in the morning and once again a night. A Legionnaire’s service number is known as a "Matricule" a six figure number, which will be the issue number of the weapon ("FAMAS") issued.

Normally there are between forty to sixty Engages Volontaires at Aubagne, at various stages of the three-week selection procedure.

When an Engage Volontaire departs for Castelnaudary he will wear the uniform that has officially been issued, which includes the Legion Green Beret.

From the moment a recruit arrives at one of the recruitment offices, he is paid (See Pay). A recruit will undergo a week with his future instructors at Aubagne.

Enlistment Requirements:

Aged between 17 and 40 years. (Mostly new recruits are between 17 to 25).

Hold a valid official identity card (i.e. Passport).

Be physically fit.

Enlistment Procedures:

Present yourself at one of the recruiting offices listed on the "Recruitment Offices" section of this database.

You will receive a psycho technical and a physical health test and another full medical. (Which Includes Drugs Checks).

A full security background check will be carried out (Including Interpol). Your fingerprints will also be taken during this stage and held on record.

The Candidate will receive two interviews at Aubagne.

Run 7 laps on a 400-meter track in less than 12 minutes.

If you are successful (30 in 500) then.

The minimum first contact is Five years, if you are successful you are required to sign an unconditional contract (see the Contract). (The actual length of service is about five and a half years).

After preliminary checks a recruit will be transferred to Aubagne for selection if he enlists at a recruitment office rather than the headquarters.

15 to 17 weeks are spent training at the 4th Regiment in Castelnaudry.

The "Kepi Blanc" will be gained at the 4th Regiment. (See "Kepi Blanc").

After completion of the training the Legionnaire will be posted to his regiment.

Note: Once a Recruit has completed his training, unless due to medical grounds, he CANNOT buy himself out at anytime during the remaining period of his contract.

A Recruit can leave anytime before signing the 5 year contract (known as "La Declaration") whilst at Aubagne or at the end of the training period. Service starts from the date of signing the Contract at Aubagne.

What to Expect:

Once the "Engage Volontaire" has been selected he will be issued with his equipment, which contains all the items required such as the uniform. This is the first stage over with, now the hard work starts; the recruit has taken his first step to becoming a Legionnaire. He will be moved to the 4th Regiment at Castelnaudary, for a four-month grueling training program

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