sigs wierd and wonderful postings.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, May 7, 2007.

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  1. being in the rsigs is good for one thing at least. the amount of units we get to go to. however apart from the mainstream units what else is there to offer.

    whats it like being a bleep in EOD?

    whats life like in a basic training unit/ instructor at blandford

    any other gucci postings?

    cheers for your help.
  2. Spent 2 years as part of 11CTT (cadet training team) based in Newcastle.
    In Fenham barracks just up the road from St James.

    Working hours were 9-12 and then evening from about 18:00 to 21:00 (or later)

    Most weekends were working and annual camps of 6 weeks in some God foresaken training area in Yorkshire.

    Spent 90% of the time AdvTrg which was good and got to meet some very interesting people especially when helping out the CCF contingents.

    Excellent posting for a singly, no accom so you had to rent a flat, for which I was given a shedload of cash each month.
  3. My bold...

    I got one my posts canned for mentioning "bleep" and "EOD" in the same question.

    That said, I loved it and would recommend it to anyone, but of course it is only open to certain trades now.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I guess many of the goldplated swan postings are long gone, managing the corps yacht in Gosport? Scubadive/skydive instructor in Cyprus? Mountain/cave rescue in Yorks? To name a few.... :D
  5. How about paragliding instructor in Wertach? Being done by civies last time I was there but there was a rumour.... :)
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    YofS Post at the Pentagon.

    Embassy postings (Commcen I believe but now gone, maybe some YofS posts still there).

    JSASTC Gosport possibly still has some posts.

    NATO Posts (Italy/Belgium/etc).

    Police Communications Advisor (Unsure of correct name) TFC Offr position.

    1 (RBY) Sqn.

    Ex Long Look (Ex I know, but still quality).

    SBMA Tampa (OP Veritas tour but gucci as hell).
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    Place in Crickhowel (If still open) were willing to take Mil instructors, was a Navy guy down there when did my EP course.
  8. Blandford Project Team. 95/96

    Installing a 3com metropolitan area network (3 LAN's connected by fddi) for the new school. Learning tcp/ip and networking at a time when it was all very new (especially for the army). Really good addition to my CV when it came to leave.
    Working in civis, no parades and calling foreman and a Col ToT by their first names, opened my eyes to the fact that the corps was not just pointless bullsh1t all the time (previous posting was 3div).
  9. why canned?

    what does the job entail... i imagine a shed load of tours and also long hours... both of which im happy enough with. but its not strong enough to base my next posting on.
  10. 2 years in Brunei Signal Troop. Post still exists as far as i'm aware.
  11. Lots of tours, a new and interesting job working with the eccentric AT trade. When I first arrived there I was asked if I "swamp the bed"? To which my answer of no was greeted with laughter... When that seed is sown it works like a placebo. Thankfully it stopped when I got posted.

    Like all places great lads and lasses, with one subtle difference, the hierachy in general were not tools. Oh and plenty of choice of posting within the UK.

    Why canned ? I suppose the bowman thought I was fishing as it was one of my first ever posts on arrse.
  12. Two years at Airborne Trials Section at JATE now JATEU based in Brize Norton all the spice of the Army but living with RAF in 5* hotels. The next best was RLD 7 Para RHA, sport and sport and more sport plus two op tours cracking time
  13. Spent 2 years onboard an Army landing craft at 17 Sport & Pasttime - of course that posting has gone now because they sold the LCL's to the Indian Navy I think...

    Cracking posting - best of the lot!
  14. and any good weird postsfor lineman apart from the dustbin...

  15. Ahhhh I remember seeing those guys swanning around Dent in the 80,s. Was,nt they the adventure training staff , who offered thier services in times of need. I remember seeing at least one LR with " Royal Signals Mountain Rescue" emblazoned down the sides. Not so much advertising our services I think but more of a ploy to help along the removal of the local girls knickers me thinks !!!