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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Padre, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Having got kit, done atestation, etc. I amd madly sewing stuff on. Think I have it right but here goes:

    1. Left shoulder - union flag,
    2. Beneath union flag, unit flash/patch/whatever it's called,
    3. Name Label goes above left hand pocket,
    4. Been told cross things go on collars with base forming triangle with tip of collar.

    My problem is that I went to theological college and not sewing school, but think I have it all sorted (comments please).

    Does this sound about right? I have soaked and shaped beret, got stable belt and all I need to do is sort trousers as I need to be a foot taller at the moment to make them fit.

    Comments hers (or pm me with o-60 from standing start, get me through the first bit advice),

  2. Get uour kit into the tailors. You can also wear WTF you want, you're the Padre - bombproof
  3. Right sleeve should have TRF. It is the small white and blue patch.
    Try using wonder web to put them on with .. Failing that ask the missus.
  4. [​IMG]

    Googled army padre
  5. that's the padre, can i confess then that i want to do rude things to her
  6. Unless the Corps has a new trade, I would suggest that the Padre might have an RAChD capbadge and turning up with a Signals TRF might cost him a slab or two of Communion Wine in the bar..
  7. don't see why it shouldn't be a new trade. He would probably report to the RSM, as he often refers to himself as GOD.
  8. I do have a nice RAChD cap badge (afixed to my nicely shaped beret) and a stable belt.

    Wonder if I need anything other than union flag and name - the HQ flash what I have below my union flag might perhaps be superfluous.

    Might go down in dog-collar and take my toys and show someone what knows.

    Also have to start collecting stuff for my courses (five weeks between July and December at present going - wifey will be pleased!),

  9. I am disturbed by the realisation that on the Chaplains' Intake Course (oh blessed memory!) no-one told you that the phrase 'dress regulations' is actually a military oxymoron when applied to chaplains! :?
  10. All you need is a hip flask of "Holy Water" and a camel back of "The Water of Life" be it Scottish, Irish or Italian.
  11. Well, I did it! First night has been and gone. TRFs almost in the correct place, except they weren't!

    Appears the union flags were in the wrong place and so although my offerings were correct with respect to them the whole thing was off by about an inch. Still got my field communion set and a copy of a little yellow prayer/service book so all is right with the world.

    Apparently I'm not TOS yet (the wife is so pleased and waits for it expectantly) and somewhere in Scotland has lost all my paperwork (which I dutifully re-did last night).

    Thanks again, I'm off the Threshers for a camel pack :)