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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TA_sig, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. So what's the crack with this job? I'm being sent through the training with this coveted position waiting for me at the end, yet no one has actually worked out or told me what it is I will be doing at the end of the day.

    Other than the endless piles of paper work plus Mod 5, tp commanders course and whatever else brigade wants to put me through, what awaits me at the end? I know at the moment I'm training for a generic commision but I've been 'looked after' by sigs for a while now and figure I'll probably go back to them. I'm looking for more specific answers than 'looking after the welfare of the lads' and spiel sitting around on the army careers website.

    Guess I'm trying to sound out if this is worth the effort, we're being trained as poor pl commanders so we're getting an idea of what inf officers job is like (don't think I'd like it).
  2. It'll vary according to Bde, if your Ptarmgigan you should end up working with another officer who should be the troop OC. It'll involve a large amount of paper work (confidentials, reports etc) and your troop staffie will manage the troops. Fun be being in the field when your doing mill skills where you should get a chance to lead.

    If ur in 2 Sig Bde, then it'll be slightly different, less paper work and more chance to muck in with your troops (and u should be OC of a troop).