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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Hartman, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys - can someone please suggest where I might be able to get six sigs trade flags at short notice - one week? Our QM's dept threw a wobbly at the short notice.

    Many thanks

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  2. Why trade flags ? Just order the rank slide with flags on it , from youre Pri ! Unless you want it for No2´s ??
  3. RSigs don't have trade flags, I had to take mine off on transfering
  4. We want to present them to a course of signallers upon finishing their phase 2 qual. We are not a R Sigs unit though.

    Not sure what they will do with the flags though!
  5. Are there any friendly non-Sigs units by you? They should have them in the PRI/QMs for their Signallers. We don't wear them, just our TRFs/capbadges/belts.
  6. If you are in Blandford, you could pop up to Bovington or perhaps Middlewallop. Both, I would have thought, would run "flags" courses.

    Personnally I would regard getting crossed flags as an insult. Are you saying I am a mere Signaller not a Signalman? (now known as a Royal Signaller, of course) :p
  7. Have to admit to liking the flags, especially on jumpers. You knew how well trained a soldier was and what job they did. Bottom left arm for class 2, bottom right for class 1 and above tapes for instructor.

    If we had badges what would they be? Operator flags, tech bunk bed, ED hammer, IS Op specks??
  8. Feck off Polar, got to be screwdriver, kettle or cherry heater :D

    Lineys could have a big bin for theirs :wink:
  9. Is there an AESP for kettles? If not the techs wouldn't be able to use it :D

    Edited for mongness, and being corrected by Roadster
  10. Fair one, dictionary for us it is :oops:
  11. WTF?

    I know of ERMES who have just got the NAFFI franchaise in Cyprus but EMERs?
  12. roadster, I've been in 15+ years and I have never heard of EMERs.
  14. They'd probably miss............. the point :wink:
  15. Wobblys better :D