Firstly the cold hard facts...

Your not just going to re-trade you are going to have to transfer i.e re-capbadge.

Remember the Army has spent a lot of dosh training you up to be a tech so your unit will probably fight tooth and nail to keep you where you are.

As your a Tech i take it your a JNCO, most probably with no management or basic battle skills experience. This needs to be mastered by you whilst in your early stages. You will get plenty of opportunities.

Not only will you have to learn the Targeting Trade (Observation) but you will have to learn the ways of the Royal Regiment and yes we are massively different to the Royal Signals.

This is the write up from the Army Website on the Observation trade

Arm/Corps: Royal Regiment of Artillery

Status: Soldier

Gender: Male/Female

Minimum Age: 16 Years 9 Months

Maximum Age: 26 Years 11 Months

Minimum Service: 4 Years

It's not much use having guns that can drop thousands of pounds of explosives into an area the size of your back garden if you can't really see what you're shooting at. That's where the OP Assistant comes in. OP stands for Observation Post, which is part of the battlefield where the officer and the OP Assistant identify targets and call in artillery barrages.

What you need:
No academic qualifications needed, but physical strength, nerves of steel, a keen eye and hardy ears are desirable.

What you can get:

Full driving license: CAT B, C+E
European Computer Driving Licence
Computer Literacy and IT Stage 1 (CLAIT)
As your career progresses you'll have the opportunity to gain further qualifications, including a wide range of NVQs, NEBS, a teaching qualification and a Diploma in Management

Some of the write up is a bit dodgy but essentially its correct. Im an Observer so if more info is required PM me.
I'm an observer too and its the best job in the army but cut the crap reference gender, no birds!!!!!! Are you trying to make us the laughing stock of the army
I have a question

Are you fully trained or still in basic/trade training ? I ask becuase I have come across scaleybacks re-badging during training, mainly (and I hate to admit it ) because they failed some tech course.

No probs with that not hard to do, I will say one thing though, coming from R Sigs they will probably trade you more sigs/CP, doesn't mean you definatly won't get a look in at OP's but be aware that they will stick you were they think you are best suited and have vacancies, OP's are very popular, theres not many of them and once someones in is quite hard to shift them

Unless you are tlaking 4/73 of course, thats a different story
OPs are a hardened bunch - you will need to learn battle skills, but that can be learnt over time. However, you would probably start as a flaggy in the back of of the truck/on foot or, as WH said, you would probably be poached by the CP blokes. Worth doing as it is a good laugh and gets you out. Mind you, is hard when on ex.
Maybe harder, but MUCH better, no CP/Bty/Regt/Bde/Div/Corps BS

Unless of course you are like a certain full screw gobshite who complained his way to being an OP and when given his first chance in charge managed to get caught by the CO sun bathing with the radio off and the hole empty
Hello boys, just wondering how long you have to have been in the army before you can retrade. I am currently a tech and it sux, I left civvy street to get away from office jobs not just wear a uniform. Would like to do a job that is more in the dirt. Can anyone give me some info on the following

RE C3 Spec
RA Observer

When I went thru basic I got the impression that I would actually do work on the frontline and go out patrolling however have so far been dissapointed, however I dunno if the RE actually do any proper frontline work, can someone plz gimme advice.
thats the original post from the sigs page give him the truth to help him out he's young and wants to play in mud and be action man. Don't know if he just didn't realise what job he joined up to do or is a bit of a cnut to be honest but see what advice you can give him anyway
I did it for a few years and its the best job going, no-one has a clue what your supposed to be doing in camp so while they were beavering away on the gunpark getting all dirty we would be sitting in the Op stores with a brew on talking about anything that took our fancy, we might bother to take a look at some of the Op kit at some point but since there wasnt that much it never took long.

Then once any exercise had started we would be sent out into the middle of nowhere with any number of tasks to do, but since nobody really knew where we were, except us, we would spend the whole time sending sitreps back and carrying out the odd fire mission but not seeing a soul the whole time, we probably saw the "enemy" more than we did and friendlies since normally we would be wandering around looking for stray Cp's at night to scrawl all over their vehicles before legging it etc etc..

As long as you can work independantly and get along in small teams without whinging about the wet, cold, etc and dont mind having to carry all your gear then its a great crack...
chargetemp said:
I'm an observer too and its the best job in the army but cut the crap reference gender, no birds!!!!!! Are you trying to make us the laughing stock of the army
Better Tell Army recruiting then, the gender ref was taken off their website.
Sorry my comments arent welcome on this forum any longer so I cant give advice.

I will post on the Sigs site if you have any Qs about OPs

Good luck!

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