Sigs regt

Can anyone tell me what the basic duties are of the signals regiment and what would the ta sigs do on a drill night?

i am looking at joining 63 sigs.

any info would be good.

Well in the few months I was there I attempted to march. Tryed to iron creases but just seemed to melt things and almost mastered putting my hat on. However I did manage to make my boots shine.
A very general question, followed up with a notion that you want to join a Special Forces unit. Hmmm.

A Royal Signals regiment would have a completely different role to 63 Sig Sqn. Most TA Signals Regiments are responsible for UK Ops and Defence Resilience as part of 2 Signal Brigade, basically acting as the link between the emergency services and the armed forces.

On a drill night you'll do everything from drill to MATTs and AIRWAVE comms to HF comms. Variety is the spice of life.

Now, 63 Sigs, what they do is .... (muffled shot)
its the nearest regiment to where i live.

would assume as their attached to special forces that their role is going to differ slightly.
Well if they are the nearest why not enter and find out rather than w@nking off. It would sound better to have an SAS assocation and you get payed some sort of speical needs allowance or somthing i think.
Easy on the man posh jock . He hasn't even joined yet so he isn't supposed to know the difference between squadron and regiment. Doubtless all will become clear.
The squadron I belong to does twenty minutes of administration , sorting out problems and issues . Juniors then do about an hours lecture or practice on anything from radio systems to navigation to first aid etc . If we are away for the weekend , most of the kit required is loaded on vehicles ready to go . Last parade and notices at nine thirty , then home or couple of pints .
best advice ? stick your head round the door and have a chat and a beer after . You are not committed in any way , but will be made welcome and any questions answered . best of luck . any queries , PM me .

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