Sigs or Infantry?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jonathans, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. I've got my first interview tomorrow and I still can't make my mind up (yes I know I left it late :cry: ). I know everyone is different, and some aren't suited to the same trades as others etc. But I think it's a case of which will be more enjoyable rather than which will I'll be best suited to, as I can adapt.

    Please enlighten me.

  2. Infantry is just that, Infantry. You fight, learn how to become a brilliant solder, with amazing fighting skills and highten them to the best they can be. They will be the best soldiers in terms of infantry skills, because thats their sole job.

    Signals have those same skills, But also employ a large degree of technicality with regards to most trades.

    In short, If you want to be a top notch war machine, Be an Infantryman.

    If you want to be a good war machine, and also have a varied load of skills, Join the signals.
  3. I think i'd be more of a top notch fighting machine ;) Some of them are actually poo lol.. but i'd recommend signals, more variety, more humanity and much less combat, combat combat
  4. If you want to use your brain, go for signals. If you don't want to think, then it's infantry.
  5. Want to rethink that answer Sentinel??? Unthinking infantry went out of style with the Prussians!!!

  6. Go for signals! but don't pick a naf trade!!!

    You can get some well paid civvi jobs if/when you leave. I do not know from experiance but a mates boyf has just left the infantry and is struggling to get a decent 9-5 job! this might just be him of course!! :)
  7. Infantry is a very technical job these days but you are much less likely to get the shit kicked out of you by your own mates in the Signals. As my Infantry brother says "you can't expect to train young men to kill five days a week and then switch them off on Friday night" they are going to go into town and kick fcuk out of anyone who crosses them, even their mates.

    At the end of the day it is up to you, if you are fit, physical and up for a ruck go Infantry and if you like sitting on your arse drinking coffee go Signals.
  8. Yeah just for the record the infantry certainly isn't a walk in the park nice job.. but it's got to be done.. just don't expect much variation other than killing.

    "What quals have you got mate."
    "I can kill someone"
  9. why not go to the infantry and go to the signals pl if you get turned on (no pun intended) transfer to the scaleys if not stay where you are and try something else.
  10. Don't join the Signals because you will spend more time trying to be an infantryman than a comminicator, at the end of it you still will be a poor infanteer and also a poor Signaller because of it. Btw I spent 13 years in the Signals and had some good skills as an infantryman but couldn't communicate for shite as all our time was spent trying to be plastic infrantymen which I could never emulate in a month of Sunday's
  11. If you want an answer, read the thread here and count the number of Bleeps contributing.

    Don't fall for the old "I can do their job" sh1t about the infantry either. There isn't a job in the Army these days that doesn't require full attention to be even remotely good at, and that goes for the Infantry as much as any other.
  12. ... How many of the people who have provided "advice" here are actually in the Army? Let alone involved with the two trades being asked about?
  13. Join the Sigs mate, the lack of man management and the number of cocks you meet may amaze you, but at least if you pick the right trade you will have some transferable skills when your career comes to an end.
    Promotion tends to be a bit quicker and you will generally move to a new unit every 3 years on average. Getting to know some new faces or allowing a fresh start if you've dropped the occasional bollock.
  14. Fcuking classic, I couldnt put it better myself :D

    Problem with quick promotion is that you are man managed by a wet Sgt who couldnt mangage him/her self let alone you or a troop.

    My advice would be join the Infantry as a Signaller, learn the job properly and if you then wish - join the Signals but if I had my time again I personally would steer clear of anything with Bleep attached to it.
  15. You can be a field signaller or whatever it's called anyway surely and work with an infantry section; that or you can, as has been said, be some specialised role in the Infantry.

    I'd recommend Pioneer in the Logistics ;)