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a quick question from a matelot....

There is a job as an Asst Ops O to a Sig Regt being touted around my community, and whilst it sounds quite interesting I've no idea what Pongo Ops O's do. Therefore if any-one can give me a quick outline I'd be hugely appreciative.

[answers such as make the wets, nothing, paperwork, look good whilst the Sgt does the work etc etc are fully expected, but if you could answer the question as well, it'd be good....]
Which regt? There's a world of difference between them, and it would help to give you an answer if we knew which one or, at least, what type. I would guess the one most likely to have a Royal Navy Asst OpsO is 10 Sig Regt, but can you confirm?

It supporting our Special Friends
alfred_the_great said:
It supporting our Special Friends
Wooh...special! Like the Mlarr Battalion?
Does Special mean Special Needs - like Lineys and RD types :?: :?:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I wear very thick glasses and have difficulty forming joined up handwriting....

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