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Forgive me if this is the wrong section, but I couldn't see anything more suitable.
I've basically always had a strong interest in joining the army as a career but I'm not sure what to go for job wise, I've been working as a Network Admin for the past year, obviously this makes the idea of Information Systems Engineer attractive but I've read a number of posts on this forum that don't reflect to good on the job.

There's obviously alot of talk on prospects after you leave but since I'm looking at serving for longer than that it's not my top priority.
What's important to me is the job be interesting, have good prospects for possible promotion/progression, regular oppertunities to travel to different areas around the world where the army is currently based and not be something where your sat on your arse all day surfing the internet. (I do to much of this in my current job and I find it boring after a while)

I'm not set on any job/trade within the forces yet which is why I'm here, I realise you can retrain later on but I would really like to make the right choice from the beginning. I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who maybe works as an IS Engineer in the Signals or related suggestions job/trade wise.


You've been going through the joining up process for 17 months now according to your posts. If you haven't bothered to phone anyone in the Signals for the definitive and have been completely reliant on this site then I'd suggest you stay where you are.

And as the process seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time in your case I'd seriously think about whether you want to be going through phase one in your fcuking forties.

Come back when you're not just looking for an online conversation, a pat on the back or a chuck-up from some soldiers.


Some contact details for you.
Well for reasons I'm not going to explain I had to stop my previous app after the RSC (nothing to do with the outcome because I passed and got a date for basic etc), I'm now coming back to go through the process again but after I'd read some of the boards recently, I was a little unsure whether to go for the same job as before....hence the question.

But I can see why you jumped to that conclusion, If I'd of wanted an online conversation though I'd of probably made more than 8 posts in 17 months. ;)

Anyways no matter I'll pop down to the AFCO and ask instead.
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