Sigs Historian Address, WWII era

Evening all,

I'm after tracking down details about my Grandfather, originally Sigs, who did 25 years, 1930-1955 (ish).

Nan says he started with the Sigs, he did time with 'them' and then the Indian Army, then back to the Sigs to demob sometime around 1955-56.

I've got his service number, and some patchy info on some medals, but not completely sure and waiting for details on them.

I'm after details of any within the Sigs museum, or if there's a Sigs veteran society who may be able to provide some info!

I realise it's pretty patchy, but any help would be ace, thank you!


Good link supplied.

You will need the relevant form signed by your nan as his next of kin plus the cash for the retrieval.
If his Nan fills it in there is no charge as the Widow.

You will need a death certificate, which if you don't have one you can get online.

Should take around 4-6 weeks to get the info.

Do read the medical documents before showing them to the rest of the family just in case he had any interesting diseases !
Thanks very much for the info!

When filling out a SAR form, is there anything I should specificly write so that I make sure I get all the records? Or is asking for all surviving records sufficient?

Thanks again :)

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