Sigs forum - Another NAAFI or viable Corps chunder

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Disco, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. When I first came on Arrse god bless its cotton little socks the Sigs forum although a bit of a haven for IS Ops was pretty much Corps orientated and a dam good read.

    Now its just a soap box for whinging Soldiers (90% from Blandford WRVS) who either havent got promoted or are in a state of shock to find that "my god" they are soldiers!!

    So cards on the table, why have a Sigs forum? it isnt needed just spout your sh1te (cos it is) in the Naafi forum.

    1 in everyone 30 posts is Corps relevant the rest is utter bandwidth wastage.

    Is this Forum worth fighting for (before I pm to GoodCo to have it deleted?)
  2. put a block on blandford wrvs
  3. Don't put a block on the forum. I understand that the Corp is full of whingers but everyone else in the Firm knows that anyway. However, something does need to be done and you can't blame the WRVS at Blandford. I, IMHO, would look further than than the forum. No offence mate.
  4. so put something in worth talking about!!!
  5. Yeah, you are right. When I sober up I'll put something in about CNRI :?
  6. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Disco, just because ‘you’ don’t like the current state of this forum does that really give you the right to get this forum deleted? Rather Blair-ish of you.

  7. So tell me why it should stay ?

    As a Corps forum what function does it serve?
  8. it should stay because every soldier has a right to winge. so why not do it hear if it is constructive
  9. 23C

    23C Clanker

    It’s a form of communication, what more should it be?
  10. Wow, Disco, are you really so powerful that you can request the deletion of the Sigs forum? Surely the forum mods would be rather put out. I agree that this forum is very often a bunch of whingeing shiite but c'est la vi big man. Parliament is full of tossers, but it's no reason to abolish it.

    Why don't we get some decent topic starting points going?
  11. Your missing the point,

    I can suggest to the Co`s to have it removed and they may say "dont think so" or they may agree.

    I am suggesting that the Sigs forum is no longer a Sigs forum more of a medium of open whinging.

    Say it isnt so?

    Polar, we have had many a good debate on here (in the past) with the focus on Corps Ops and doctrine etc alas the later generations once they have Internet access do not get it and continue to dilute a steadfast forum with garbage.

    How many more *unit is pants or RSM * is pants or being in the Corps is pants.

    Come on dig deep, why should we keep a Sigs forum as the majority of Sigs post should either be in the Naafi or deleted as irrelevant?
  12. All trash asides, its surely worth it for the few gems that almost get overlooked every once in a while. Some of us now civvies would not have stumbled across Arrse would it not have been for the fact that there was a Sigs forum (nostalgia...) many like me lurk here and enjoy reading corps banter of the better sort.


    Vote to stay
    + Vote to shoot shiitespouting sprog chunder monkeys who necessitate this debate
  13. I know it seems shoite Disco but the sigs forum is needed, think about it even in the last couple of days we've had threads from people wishing to join the corps, people trying to get in touch with old friends, people reminising about how good life was at catterick (strange one on me that i'll be honest) and some threads actually about the corps with relevence and have proved interesting with an actual outcome (the VC thread for example). Yes the whinging aspect is stronger here than in most other boards but what has actually become clear to myself in the last few weeks is these threads are being blown way out of proportion by the replies they attract rather than the initial statement/complaint. Maybe the Board needs moderating more strongly and maybe we could have a blandford sticky, much like the sandhurst one in the officers board, where all Blandford related posts can be put and any sneaking onto the main board that the mods don't think are relevant can be moved there and forgot about. The board kicked off like this about 8 months ago and it died down after the offending threads were locked. People got the hint and shut up about it. Plus deleting the board means we'll lose this peach G3 Ops Vs the old lady
  14. to be honest i have to agree with bully lets not lose our own personality just because of a few gripes and whinges i have spoken to the guys who posted the lastest blandford post and they were fishing for bites and well most of us bit.

    We have had some absolute gems on here and i think the idea of a sticky or 2 for whinges would take that out of main board.

    The corps is undertaking a very major upheaval with regards to equipment, manning, trade specs and doctrine and like any major organisation there is always resistance to change.

    So let people vent their spleen on the forum, to some extent thats what the site is about, but lets keep it off the main board and lets not lose this forum or our identity over it.
  15. Wow Disco,

    Your subject matter seems to be about people whinging when your the only doing such a thing on this thread.

    OOOOHHHH!! Look at me I'm going to tell on you to the CO......

    This is an open forum, freedom of speech, and yes I agree, people do moan on the SIGs forum but their comments are there to be opposed by other opinions.

    ******************----------------RIP FREEDOM OF SPEECH--07/10/05---------------**************************