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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SKUNK, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi every one 8O
    I am joining the Army!!!
    I've been down to careers and done the Barb test and had the interview, all's i need to do is wait for a date for my medical.

    I was just wandering what is it like being a driver lineman????
    I can't find any extra info other than what you get at careers and on the army website.
    I'd like to know if it's a job where your on the "front-line" and also if you get posted to different regiments(Does that even sound right???) like RTR or rifles etc.

    My job preferences are as follows
    1/ Driver lineman
    2/ Rifles
    3/ RTR

    Any help would be awesome thx in advance :lol:
  2. Try putting driver lineman in as a forum search.

    The Royal Corps of Signals is a Combat Support Arm, so no liney's are not "front line" in the sense that they deliberatly take the fight to, and destroy the Queens enemys at close quarters. Thats what the Infantry do.

    However in this day and age pretty much everyones job is dangerous once on operations.
  3. If you like drinking someone else's spew, balancing turds on your nose whilst downing a pint, having field telephone clamps put on your nipples whilst being electrocuted, playing freckles/oysters and dance of the flaming *********, to mention but a few. You will soon learn to drink like a god and be feared in the Naafi by the 'handbags', don't forget to practise downing bottles of Tabasco in preparation for comps to win enough money for a night out. Apart from that if you like good honest graft and enjoy being out in all weathers you'll bloody love it :lol:

    Any of the older lot remember 'BOOBOO' from 7 sigs?
  4. To answer you question join the RTR or Rifles.

    Dont be a driver

    Blow shit up or do something military. not service rovers and do driving details for the rest of your career.

    I didnt even think it was called driver lineman anymore as they dont do line work.

    And lastly most other trade groups in the signals get the driving quals you get as a driver now days anyway.
  5. Well blowing s*** up sounds fun :twisted:
    But damn, i've just been put of being a lineman :( So your telling me a lineman is s*** like the logisistics???
    Descisions descisions!!! wtf am i gonna do then???
    Getting pissed sounds fun though!!! But blowing c**p up :? :lol:
  6. well if blowing S*** up floats your boat well great... But one thing to remember is one day you'll leave the service and apply for a civvie job, you'll be asked what you have done and when you reply "blown s*** up" see how many jobs roll in..

    in all honesty get a job where you can learn a trade that may be helpful in the future.. whilst I would personally say the Royal Corps is by far the best for "Learning a Trade" there are plenty of jobs out there, but it all depends like i said at the start what floats your boat???
  7. Lineman- No.
    Inf- No.
    RTR -Na...
    Royal Signals TRADES ie Not Lineman, Yes...'GO TO IT'!
  8. The idea about being a driver lineman was so i could get a job with BT or NTL. I wasn't interested at school and didn't get the required GCSE's for the apprenticeships.
    I was under the impression that linemen lay fibre optic cables, well thats what the job description says!! But a poster in the thread says you don't even do that :?
  9. For those qualifications you need to apply for Inst Tech,

    This will give you city and guilds 3666 in both fibre and copper data comms.

    Lineman do an intro into FO in that they will lay pre terminated ruggedised FO cables in the field.

    For all things networks, as in the physical layer then Inst Tech is the way forward.
  10. just recently (last week) had my formal interview and applied as a driver lineman.... i knew it was one of the bottom jobs in the signals and tried to get a Comms Sys Op job but they said no chance.
    So after reading this im very much put off, am i to be worried lol?
    also wondering is it possible or is their much of a chance of transferring to a tech job once in?
  12. ive got no technical jobs on their, although i scored in the high 50's 58 or 59 i think, and got decent test results my gcse results let me down, having an E in maths and ds in both english and science, i know i could of done alot better but its too late now. Do you think the chances of getting a tech job are pretty sparse?
  13. Unfortunatly mate yes, I do.

    However was R Sigs Elec on there? Again not the best trade in the world but you get 16th edition at class 1 level and in the next 5-7 years are (reportedly) merging with Installatio Techs.
  14. no, it wasnt on their, otherwise i would of gone straight for it.
    Ive got an electrical qualification Level one nvq only though, and i recently had a telecomms technician job which i was hoping might further my chances, but the recruiter just told me that i can do courses once in the signals and progress straight onto an Inst Tech.

    is Driver lineman really that bad? Im pretty gutted now after reading everything lol.
  15. Its not that bad mate, don't let it get you down.

    It is now called R Sigs driver, so the answer is in the job title.
    They are due to merge the Tech Sub Spec (storeman) so its not all bad.

    There will be a chance to re-trade whilst in, so don't be too downhearted.

    If you need any more info PM me.