Sigs Cse, Chattenden - trying to find a C/S

Anyone here remember the B3 and B1 Sigs course at Chattenden?

in particular, the civvy instructer, "Furry" F******n? Trying to remember the C/S the amateur radio station (which he ran) used.

Long ago I found a reference on the 'net, but the page has long since gone.

Anyone know what happened to him after Chattenden closed down? A few years ago (crickey, 'twas 1999!) I drove out there, when the camp was closed. Grass growing through the roads, windows smashed in. All that time bullsh*tting the place up in the early 80's and 90's.. for what. Bumped into an old Gib Bks training NCO, in the pub just up the road. Not exactly having a good time of it in Civvy Street. if you're here, you'll know who you are, Ginge, and who I am.
I did my class 3 in 1983 and there was a civi instructor there who had a ham radio station in the camp. Can't remember his name, think he had a beard. He would sit there talking to you and then write down a morse code message that came in five minutes before, carry on talking still listening to another morse code message coming in.

yeah, that was "furry". been there for donkeys years. You remember right about the beard, hence the nickname. Amazing bloke with Morse, remember on my Class 1 he was holding 3 or 4 simultaneous morse "conversations" at once...

Spent ages working out the correct 1/4 antenna for a mast, and tryint to tune in. He comes along, asks us how we are doing, and has a listen to the set. "Not bad," he says, "but ever wonder what the length of copper wire in the bag is for? Watch this" takes the short length ot wire, plugs it into the TURF, and within seconds has a signal on same frequency that booms in! "Can tune in anything to anything with this set" he says.

Most peeps tended to rip the mick out of him, classed him as an anorak. But I always had a lot of time for him. Couple years ago was after an old mucker from Sp Tp Dirty 30, and quite by accident got through a fellow course mate, now {then} a ssgt. We were reminiscing about the course, and he expressed how much he missed the B3/B1 class - as it was - as the class 3's coming into the Reg now [then] didnt quite have the same skills. Especially the skills that Mr F******n passed on. Was browsing MOD pages couple days ago and there he is, sat at a table as a Regt's QSIGS.

Give F his due, when we went to Bos in 95 with the ARRF some of that stuff *really* came in handy.

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