Sigs C L M next month.... any tips

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ancient, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Off to do C L M at Blandford next month. Apart from packing a sense of humour etc , any advice re handy extra kit that's not on the list would be appreciated .
  2. Junior or Senior >?
  3. junior
  4. I did mine 4 years ago I beleive its changed since then. Have a look in the TA forum, there's a few threads on the subject
  5. Did mine a few years ago but Snr's was very similar.....

    Get lot's of sleep now as you won't get a lot then!!!!

    Get out running and tabbing

    Practice Patrol Orders

    When you feel like jacking it in, just remember the pain will soon be over!

    Finally, on every cse I've been on there, they've told me "oh the next cse has no phys in" so your sorted!

    We have a couple of boys on the snr's cse with you... say hi! (they'll have funny coloured headwear)

    Good luck
  6. msr

    msr LE

    And I trust you put 'not physical enough' in your feed back :)
  7. Expect very little sleep on both weeks. Brush up on power point for your lessons. Take as much gucci/comfy gear as you think you will need, head torches are good. Be mature, don't moan and FFS don't DS watch to get top student/in their good books, you will be loathed and hated till eternity.

    Lastly don't start hallucinating because of lack of sleep, it does you no good and can be quite scary for those around you. Pro plus has it's good points and also it's bad points.
  8. Day 1: Get there early and de-kit. Get ready for a CFT (over undulating ground).

    Do pack a sense of humour because you will need it.

    A lot of classroom stuff for week one, field work in week two so make sure your kit is well stowed away (pocket rocket to hand) and my only real advice for the sleep dep ex, is get down to Tesco's the night before and get loads of packets of frankfurters (the ones in a packet) this is because you'll be lucky to get a break long-enough to get hot scoff on the go. Rip open the packet and chuck them down your neck on the go. I also took loads of energy drinks.

    Oh, another thing. When it comes to washing - make sure your socks are in good order for the ex (clean and soft as opposed to clean and dried out to a crisp).

    Get your head around the orders section of your TAMS because this gets hammered but if you're "ok" with orders in camp, you won't have to do it again on EX. If you're sh!t hot or even just sh!t, you'll get hammered with it on the EX, a few times.

    Learn how to build a model - get hold of a model kit.

    Be fit - a lot of section competitions revolving around the physical side of things. (a LOT).

    Oh, and don't pick up on buzz words such as "It's the nature of the beast.", "Come on, it's the last hundred metres." and "You're all a bunch of cnuts, you're making me look like a cnut." which is my personal favourite.

    Blandford itself, if you've got a mobile phone the only real place you'll get reception is outside the back of the OR club. End of course urine-up is pretty good but most of the lads were wrecked (tired) on mine so it was left down to me, two others and the DS to keep the party going all night!!

    Go with no expecations and whilst you're doing the course you'll hate it, I mean really hate it but when you're sitting in that chair being debriefed by your DS, you'll think it's been the best thing you've ever done.

    Good luck.
  9. To be honest Dev, we all thought that was the best part !
  10. Forgot to mention plenty of pepperamis and haribos. And a camel back is a must, 2-3 litre one is ideal, you will need lots of water or you will go down with heat exhaustion/dehydration or worse.
  11. Thanks polar, I'm always keen to please. Cnuts!
  12. you can do it again after April mate, I'm doing my senior CLM then.

    Fancy a repeat performance, I'll see if some of the others fancy it ! :D
  13. Might do matey, wouldn't it be great for us all to go through all that again? At least we'd know who we were dealing with this time. Do you think the wobbly one from up my way would do it again?

    In fact that sounds like an excellent plan, go for it and keep me posted.
  14. Of course :)
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I don't know why they bother with selection for the SAS - they should just send wanna be troopers on the R Sigs JNCO cadre by the sound of it :roll: