Sigs after Phase 2?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Dom1983, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I start phase 1 training this coming Monday, im going in as an Electronic Warefare Operator in the Sigs.

    Basically trying to find out wheres the best place to be after phase 2 at Blandford and DISC is complete. From what i can get out of these forums it seems alot of EWO's seem to end up at 14 Sigs and the place seems to have bit of a sh1te reputation from what i gather. Whats wrong with the place?

    So basically, wheres the better postings after phase 2, not that il have any choice in it though, obviously!
  2. Try 14 Sigs or Digby or er, 14 Sigs..... There ain't nowhere else that they serve - I could be wrong but we dont have those trades in other mainstream units.

    That said I enjoyed 14 the time I was there - bit isolated so get yourself a set of wheels and factor in fuel costs before you p**s it up down Minnies every weekend.
  3. am i right in saying 14 sigs only do 4 day weeks? knock off thurs lunchtime!!?
  4. i heard that rumour! i hope its true cos i probs gonna end up there too
  5. check your PMs.

    basically the majority of the trade are at either 14 Sigs or Digby, but there are a few other postings out there, notably 11 EOD Regt RLC, JSSU Ay Nik in cyprus, FP ECM Sqn plus a few other places.
  6. And you're joining as an EW SYSTEMS Op, not as an EWOP. Real EWOPs will come down rather hard on that.
  7. post someting useful or not at all fella! these forums are littered with people moaning about spelling and abbreviations, why waste your time!

    I have not even started yet, if id been in for a while im sure it would get picked up. Im sure its not essential that you correct me on how i abbreviate the job title!
  8. It IS a useful post for you. You have not made a minor error in abbreviating the trade title, you have completely changed the trade (and even the corps nowadays) by your incorrect use of the term Electronic Warefare [sic] Operator.
  9. are there even any EWOPS left these days?? thought that had pretty much died off when all the linguists started wearing green hats.
  10. Technically speaking, no. However, I know plenty of people who will argue that they are EW Ops til they die!
  11. 1730hrs on a Thursday, or 1730hrs on a Friday if the Regt 2IC is on blob week. Anyone caught leaving before 1700hrs gets bummed by the razzer.
  12. not too bad at all got a mate whose next posting is there and he mentioned it.
  13. mind you if the shift pattern at digby is still the same i was working 4 days in every 8 when i was there, had more time off than i knew what to do with!
  14. You're right, you haven't even started yet, so take the advise you c0ck. You're going to have loads of fun on phase 1 with that attitude.
    The correct response was "Thanks for the advise, mate."
  15. Or advice? :wink: