Sigs a good choice?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hrwilliams_wales, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. I am in the process of joining the Army having just taken my BARB and scored well. I wanted to go for the MP but am ineligable as i failed maths GCSE. I am therefore thinking of the sigs. In a nutshell how does life in the sigs differ from any other corps or regiment and what are the main pros and cons? I also heard there is a good chance of travel, is this true? Any advice no matter how small would be appreciated.
  2. i have met infantry who cant belive how bull shity the sigs are..........mate think raf of navy...
  3. Firstly, why that particular choice of username?

    Secondly, the pros and cons are affected by the choice of trades that you have been offered - what have you been offered? Life in the R Signals potentially offers a great deal of travel, but so do many other jobs in the army.

    What sorts of challenges do you want to experience in the army? Do you want to get qualifications from the army? You mentioned maths but what other GCSEs do you have? Why do you want to join? Give us some more details and we can try to give you more relevant answers.

    Have you read through all of the detail on the army website (scroll down past the other stuff, to the R Signals section)? Have you been given written information on the jobs that you are being offered at the ACIO?

    Best of luck whatever you decided.
  4. Don,t be a combat dvr/ Dvr Linesman (or whatever its called now) Its sh1te. If they try to palm that onto you join the RLC as a loggie instead you,ll get more out of it. Whatever you chose think long term. What skills will the army provide you with for when your times up? Not everybody has a glittering 22yr+ carrear. Joining the army is probally one of the biggest desisions of your life & if you want to make a real go of it you have to get your choices right first time. Nobody enjoys doing a job they don,t really like. Dunno what its like now but when I was in it was bloody hard to rebadge. I got fobbed off twice & eventually left. Make the right choices, something you really want to do, give it 100% & enjoy it. Good luck......

    Regards LT.
  5. I achievd 6 GCSE's including English and Science. I have been offered "area systems operator and the other operator job". I suppose i dont have a list of challenges i want but just want some. I also read that the Navy Police have no minimum academic requirements. Why this is so i cant understand.
  6. Like the other arrsers have said above make sure you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for before you join. Remember the recruiters at the ACIO are there to fill vacancies not get you your ideal job. Have a good read of the promotional literature and talk to other people about your choices. If you really want to be an RMP why dont you retake your GCSE's? or join the real police?

    I left because I was stuck in a job I hated with no chance of rebadging. I'd hate that to happen to anyone else (I was sigs too).
  7. Don't forget that you can retake your GCSEs and indeed A Levels while still serving - additionally you can study for a degree (something that you should seriously consider after phase 1 (basic) and phase 2 (trade) training) The MOD will pay you back 80% of the fees. So even if you stay in for 5 years you could have been to 1 or 2 units including overseas, done a bit of skiing etc, bought a brand new car, most likely have some operational experience under you belt, have a decent trade and good qualifications. Compare that with what your mates will be doing. Or you could just pee your wages up the wall 6 or 7 nights a week (like most of us did when we were younger). What ever trade you decide to do, the Royal Corps of Signals will provide you with fekkin good skills for civvy street when you live. Im not trying to sell you the Corps, but the oportunities are there, and also in other Corps. If your'e bright you will do well and have a good time along the way. When you've had enough - leave simple as that. The Army is a job for 22 years if you want it, but expect to work for the money.