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Signs that your boyfriend / girlfriend is a bit dodgy

It is a proven fact that women have a stupidity gene. Check out the series, Death Row Dates, where women one sandwich short of a picnic fly to America to cement romantic relationships with men they can never be close with. They sit opposite him, on the other side of a plexiglass screen, and talk via a telephone. Eventually they will get the news that he has been offed, committed suicide, or wise up to the fact that there are actual available men not too far from her.
There are also women in the UK who visit serial killers in prison who were unknown to them before they became imfamous. In the days of police collaters cards, before it all became computerised, I remember seeing an entry on a nurse living on our ground who was visiting and writing to a well known serial killer of the time.


Maybe not with death row inmates but I’d say soldiers go a long way to achieving this goal.

My Ferret driver in Hameln took up with a German tart who had (IIRC) 4 sprogs from different dads. She then became pregnant spookily close to the start of their relationship.

It’s not as this is even an unusual story...
Is "Ferret driver" a euphemism?