Signs seen in a pub

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dogdrool, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. Saw this one today
    Patrons with an immediate order will be executed as soon as possible
  2. Used to see this one alot

    "Out of bounds to soldiers"
  3. Now out dated but , " Do not put fag ends in the urinal or I will come round & pi55 in your ashtrays"

  4. Saw this in a Wetherspoons

    "Please do not queue at the bar".

    It has since been taken down.. Can't think why.. :roll:
  5. Credit will only be given to patrons over 85 yrs old if accompanyed by both parents ,,,,,,, BBBBBWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAA , HHHHHAAAAAAAAA, HHHHHHAAAAAAAA . That used to get me every time. :roll:

  6. Saw one outside a pub near Woburn:

    Warm beer
    Cold chairs
    Ugly barmaid with PMT
    Big dogs in garden

    But we do have great prices
  7. "Please don't drop your matchsticks in the urinals....the crabs in here can fuckin' polevault"
  8. sign seen in a little village pub near king,s lynn..........."don,t talk about yourself,we,ll do that when you leave!" :lol:
  9. please do not drop your cigarrete ends - the cockroaches are getting cancer
  10. I saw this sign in a pub in Greenwich. Was halfway through a round of Pub Golf witht the rugby team, so unsure of which pub.

    It made me laugh anyhow.

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  11. Was that in Dr. Thirsty's? they had loads of really good signs in there but I can't recall any at the minute.
  12. The Tam 'O Shanter in Leith,it's a f ucking schemie magnet. Saw a sign on the window saying:

  13. There's the other one on the urinals "Please don't throw chewing gum in here as it makes it stringy and hard to chew"
  14. In Paderborn in the LAD sh1tters "Please flush as soon as possible, the scoff house likes to serve it warm"

    (I know it's not a pub)
  15. might have been,i only worked there for the weekend,can,t recall a lot due to the copious amount of guiness supped but i remember the sign!! classic :lol: