Signs of the times

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. The credit crunch is almost one year old in the UK and in full swing. I reckon some people have modified their behaviour and include my examples.

    :arrow: Driving after 8pm is now pleasant as the roads are almost empty!

    :arrow: Several "For Sale" signs in the streets around Litotes' Manor when, for years, those houses sold without a board in sight!

    What signs of the times have you noticed?

  2. Polish food on sale in most supermarkets.
  3. Every fcuker emigrating............
  4. Fuel being siphoned and shoplifting of food not crap gift items has gone up
  5. BMW dealerships going under.

    This new breakfast cereal; "it costs a fortune and leaves a bad taste in the mouth"

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  7. A strict polish bank account at natwest.
  8. I dont think Waitrose sells polish food???
  9. I typed "Polish" into Ocado's search facility and it came up with 25 returns..

    Admittedly, the brands were Kiwi, Brasso, Pledge, Mr Sheen....
  10. Tesco does. :wink:
  11. No wonder no one around Shitechapel/Mile End area ever noticed the whole thing happening.
  12. Two hitch-hikers in the last week! I haven't seen one for years!

    Lots of "For Sale" signs in vehicles parked on the side of the road and in gardens.

  13. I have closed my own estate agency and am struggling like f**k as a mortgage broker. As a consequence no longer heat the swimming pool.
  14. Hasn't Halifax now fired Howard, he of the "Halifax Xtra" campaign, to the tune of Tom Jones' Sex Bomb?
  15. So it's not all bad news then :D