Signing up for the Signals

Hey all,

Well I've been reading about the T.A and have just applied to join 61 Signals Squadron (Edinburgh). I have just received my invite for an Open Night and have the following questions:

1) At 17 will I be of suitable age?

2) Is there a dress code for these "Open Nights"?

3) How stingy is the TA about paying travel expenses?

Thanks for the replies and I'm fairly sure I'll be back with a few more questions in the near future!


1) Depends what you're looking to do - but there are several 17 year olds joined my unit as Siggies and they do just fine.

2) Best thing to do is think of it as an interview - turn up looking smart, make an effort and it gives you a good start. I've seen plenty turning up in jeans and it doesn't go against them but smart just creates the impression of someone switched on who's going to give it their all.

3) Once you have done your attestation you'll get travel expenses if you travel over a certain amount to TAC (is it 2 miles I forget). You'll most likely get transport arranged for RTC also and obviously on weekends once trained you'll deploy on unit vehicles.

Great Cap Badge :D Enjoy and good luck with your training
There was a rumour on here a few months back that 61 was to re-role as part of 63(SAS)Sigs(R). Don't know what happend to that...
Hmm ok I'll turn up doing the "Smart-Casual" thing then! I'm quite keen to make a good impression!

As for travel I'm about 9 miles away and although it's a short car journey, I haven't passed my test yet so it's a long bus journey (changing twice). A taxi would be nice but I doubt I'd get that paid ;)

Also, forgive my ignorance regarding the acronyms but what is "RTC"?

I haven't heard anything about 61 merging with the SAS, or at least the RTCO hasn't mentioned anything about that!

Thanks for the replies!
Sorry - RTC = Regional Training Centre where you'll do phase B of your training - an assessment weekend of what you learnt in A and then 4 weekends of new stuff.

The TA will pay for the cheapest way for you to travel - so if there's a bus route, that taxi will have to remain a dream I'm afraid :wink:
Hehe I had a feeling that would be the case!

This may seem a little superficial but I'm somewhat excited by the idea of the kit. What do we get issued?

Thanks :)
Werewolf said:
Do you guys share a TAC with 4 Para?
Last time i was in Edinburgh they did, If you need to change buses twice dont worry about it as lothian buses are quite good service.
Yeah I'm used to the buses, it's just a long trip :(

Still, it's work and seems damned enjoyable at that. I'm just counting down the days!

Any idea about the kit?
In that case, it's vital this young man knows how to interact with Paras...

1)NEVER make direct eye-contact with a Para; he will take this as a challenge. Other "challenges", from a Para's point of view, include Breathing My Air and Being a Cr@phat in my TAC/City/Country.

2)If a confronted by an aggressive(i.e any)Para, there are several methods of conflict resolution:

3)Ask the Para his name; by the time he's remembered it, you'll have finished the Training Weekend, got back home and fallen asleep.

4)Throw raw meat and/or cans of beer at the Para. He will be distracted and, if you repeat this several times, you may even be able to house-train him(remember though: a Para is for life, not just for Xmas!).

5)If all else fails, point in the opposite direction from where you are heading and shout: "Look - there's a Royal Marine!" the Para will then go into a Berserker rage and attack any person/car/building in the direction you have just pointed, allowing you time to escape.

All joking aside, mate - best of luck with joining the TA Signals. :D
Oh dear, I detect some inter-regiment rivalry :p

I'm sure I'll be able to get out of any particularly nasty Signal/Para conflict with some witty comments and a pint of beer ;)
Rubles - as regards kit, pm sent!
Hi, Just having joined TA as Inst Tech in sigs,wondering what kit other than uniform will be issued as I am attending a MATTS2 weekend in just overa fortnight??
Get yourself through the 2 week section of your training ( called CMSR ) and go and see whichever Non- commissioned officer ( NCO ) deals with motor transport . When you explain that you don't have a driving license , but are keen to learn , he should be able to get you on a driving course . Go away for four days ( paid ) , come back with driving license .problem solved. To many civilians , this sort of thing is too good to be true . But the army needs drivers, so are keen for everyone to learn. They may insist that you get your trade course out of the way first .

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