Signing up - A few questions.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Samurai, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Alrighty, so. After much deliberation, I've decided to give the army a shot. After giving it a good think and reading a fair bit, I've become very partial to the idea. So, I have a few questions:

    1) Back in my teenage years, I went to my doctor because I was feeling rather down. I don't believe it was depression, as I had just left college and lacked direction, and I never once considered suicide or harming myself in anyway. (I never got any councilling or anything, and I'm still here. So I think that's a good bet. I've just put it down to regular teenage angst.) Regardless, my doc gave me some sort of pills. Naturaly, they didn't do anything, and I stopped taking them after a week. Will this affect my chances of being accepted?

    2) What's the required time for 1.5mile run for a 20yr old female? I'm confident about my musuclar strength, but I've got the cardio-vascular talent of Rosie O'Donnell chasing an ice cream van uphill. (Perhaps a slight exaggeration, I'm slim but untrained in running.)

    3) I'm a rug muncher/ bean flicker/ disciple of the bald man in a boat. How much flack can I expect to get for this? I'm not going to cry and sue the forces for sticks and stones - after all, I had to endure it in secondary school. Can I be comfortably open about it, or should I keep it on the hush hush?

    4) How do we feel about CMTs? Yay? Nay? I'd go infantry if I could, but alas! I am a little woman. Thus, I'm shooting for as close to front-lines as I can get.

    5) If a fat chick falls over in the woods, do the trees laugh?

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. 1) Can't answer that one... ;)
    2) Can't remember
    3) Whatever tickles your fancy
    4) CMTs are good people
    5) They laugh 'til their leaves fall off

    Hope thats been of some help, LoL... I doubt it... ;)
  3. hi, yeah from what i can gather if you went to the doctor about depresion then the they will probaly ask whever youre still deppresed or have been in the recent past. its no biggy a couple of guys on my selection had a bit of a history with deppresion and they passed.
    Your run time depends on what your regiment your joining (you'll also get slack because your a under 14 mins for girls i think although im not completely sure (just try youre best)

    As for being a ''Rugmuncher'' my sisters in the RLC (let the ripping commence.) and shes gay - well shed have to be to join the rlc! just dont go broadcasting your sexual status because it dosent matter as long as you can do what the army wants you to do they dont care if you swing a different way. Hope this helps. 8)
  4. I think the time you need for the run is 14mins for the RRR (Risk reduction run) and then 13 mins after that.
    As for being gay, I've not had any problems whatsoever...and no I'm not in the RLC!!! Like k_r says, dont go broadcasting it, my lot all know about me and dont care as long as I can do my job
  5. Homophobia in the Army is mainly a media myth. I share a room with a gay bloke and have never felt uncomfortable, neither have any of the other lads. in fact he makes me feel very comfortable in the mornings ;)
  6. Thanks alot to everyone who kindly took the time to post here!

    I dropped my application form in the post last thurs, and now I'm just eagerly waiting for contact. Any idea how long it usually takes?
  7. Well you seem to have a sense of humour so good luck hope it all goes well for you!
  8. BARB set for 18th Feb! Today I started the "Get Fit for the Army" regime according to the pack given me at my ACIO. I'm psyched. :)
  9. Any pics of you and your rug muncher friends by any chance?

    Oh and all the best for the rest of selection :)
  10. I was off in march from my work with depression due to relationship issues,
    long boring story i wont go into,
    but my doctor decided to go and put it down as anxiety,
    so im gonna have fun explaining to the army doc that army life is for me despite being diagnosed with "anxiety" the definition of wich is not being able to cope under pressure -.-
  11. Hi yea I was dignosed with post traumatic stress, depresion and phycosis about two years ago but have not had a problem joining I just had to get letter from my doctor, phycologist and commuty nurse and convince every one that I would cope. As for being gay my best friend is gay and he joined the army and has not had any more stick (pardon the pun) that anyone else. Hope this helps :pissedoff:
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  13. Ah! I was reading up on that the other day, in actual fact. Sounds like a riot, although I simply like the idea of the CMT too much, as I'm genuinely interested in the medical side of things. Combat Engineer will be my second choice, though.

    Nice try, The_One. :p If you were a really clever cookie you could find me on a few of the more popular social networking sites, Goodness knows I leave enough breadcrumbs.

    Thanks again for all the replies and input. My training is going swimmingly. I've been doing my jogs in the mornings and muscular workouts in the evenings, and I even bought one of those nifty chinning bars from Argos.

    Personaly, I think "Chinning" sounds like a somewhat bizarre and intriguing sexual practice that I am not yet savvy to, but there you go.

    My rather lengthy attempt at fixing the damn thing up failed miserably, though, having been armed with only a screwdriver with which to drill into the doorframe, as any effort to use an actual electric drill would most likely result in obtaining an injury that would forever bar me from entry into the forces, thus rendering the "chinning bar" rather useless.

    Moreover, Dad has buggered up his shoulder skiiing in Slovenia, so I shall have to find a substitute man-person to do my D.I.Y(Hereafter renamed D.I.H - 'Do It Himself') type-things for me. They're useful for that sort of stuff, I suppose. :p

    Kidding, of course!

    ... Or am I?
  14. I just use what i can find really,
    even the monkey bar's at the local park work well.
    or a tree if there is a low branch,
    the only thing i would actually suggest paying for while training is trainers tbh,
    always need a good pair of trainers :)
  15. BARB completed!
    I got 73, which is apparantly quite good. Personaly, I think I could have squatted on the desk and taken a dump on the touchscreen, and still walked away with a fairly decent score.

    The Sergeant told me that the average was mid-40s, which is rather depressing. Ah, well.

    So I left with the job briefs for CMT, REME V. Mechanic, and RLC Driver Radio Op. Happy to find that there's a good few vacancies for CMT next term.

    Now I just have to sort the med. forms out. Only there's one thing; my eyesight. It's always been flawless except for the last year, where I've noticed that I have difficulty reading text from a distance. I think it's Repetitive Eye Strain due to excessive computer use, but I've never had a test. Will my doc give me one, or should I goto Specsavers or some such?