Signing out of the Mess Webley C/W 1x Round

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Anonymoose, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. Sign out the mess Webley and go and do the honourable thing!

  2. Insist it was a stitch up?

  3. Blame it on lack of pre course training?

  4. Tell the DS that they are all wrong and insist you are right?

  1. There are two organisations that occasionally do similar work, lets call organisation 1 "Us" and organisation 2 "Them". Each organisation has its own centre of excellence for teaching and learning the similar jobs that they do. Historically it has has been quite difficult for "Us to attend to be trained by "Them" and vice versa. A deal was struck and some of "them" came to "Us" and attended a few courses. In return one of "Us" had the opportunity to go to "Them" and do their course. However one of "Us" didnt do very well and failed, no really FAILED(BADLY)!

    The CO of "Them" and the CO of "Us" decided to go down the local for a few jars, CO "Them" promptly took the piss out of CO "Us" for the entire evening, about the fact one of his people couldnt pass a course run by "Them".

    So if you were one of us and failed a course run by them what course of action would you take?

    No honestly, this wasnt debated to death by a large gaggle of SAT types over breakfast honest!
  2. Wether you are "Us" or "Them" failure is not an option. If the Mess Webley isn't signed out by the failure, the Mess Committee should sign out the Mess Sten Guns and en masse cause the Stens to emit a stream of metal jacketed death towards the failure. The failure should then be buried under the CO's flower beds. Note: The WO's & Sgts should not do the actual burying, that must be done by the Private Soldiers as part of First parade.
  3. I have no idea who you are talking about or when it happened. However, allow me to guess that they sent the only person the nominated Sqn could afford to lose for a few weeks rather than someone that they knew would pass the course...?

    The Chain of Comd can't entirely wash their hands clean - someone in SHQ must have done a threat assessment you know the old "Whats the best and worst that can happen with this option?"
  4. Tell the DS that they are all wrong and insist you are right - What the feck do they know anyway...............

    I bet 'they' are having a field day...... Time we brought out all their failures then I think.

    One of 'them' got 4% on the initial test on my course.... oh how we laughed. He then blamed the rest of 'us' for not warning him that he had to read the pre-course material! The cheek of the man.

  5. Interesting,

    As one of them I can assure you that the level this is being taken at is piss taking only. Know that individual was not best man for the job. Not going to alter the price of fish much and no-one getting too excited over here. Similar situatin on your last cse. Sent wrong bloke but only guy we had avalable. Does give loads of ammo on the piss taking front though.


  6. SF - you're right..... this thing does go in swings and roundabouts.

    But good fun all the same!

  7. I'm not sure the guy in question understands what the Mess Webley is. Education needed me thinks.

    He has no excuses what so ever :evil: . Even if he is the shitest technician in town, the point is he is a technician and should have passed.

    Can I write his CR this year? :?: Oh go on - Please :twisted:
  8. Are we really that surprised someone has failed a course on a topic not strictly AT related when ATs (and ATOs) struggle to pass their own courses...
  9. Yes we ARE that surprised, although when the individual in question struggles to pass his own trade courses and assessments, perhaps not!! Perhaps he should just get posted, somewhere technically undemanding, maybe like Kineton where T2 Cpls can educate him (and Le Commando Francais could take him under his wing and teach him :wink: )
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Oh dear. I take it students are back from their hard working holidays for a bit of rest before their hard working Christmas holidays and we are going to be bombarded with lots more of this ARRSE.

    Can someone please take the unit GPMG into the areas used by 'us' and 'them' and get rid of both.

    COs from respective nurseries can go back to the pub and get on with life until they get a decent posting (or invitation from G Brown esq to consider the benefits of not wearing green).

  11. Was that a bark from a crumpled uniform slouched in the chesterfield snorting G&T...?

    Were you getting a bit of attention before expanding on your thoughts at a later date or simply hurling abuse to see where it sticks?
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

  13. Got your number !
  14. Dibble

    ref you writing his CR. Remember you're not alowed to cut and paste!!!
  15. And anyway has anyone seen this months FHM with the A 2 Z of army jobs. A is for Ammo Tech nice photo of Ammo Tech Clearing a mine...See some of us have passed the course!!!!