Signing on minimum service or the full hog

Basically i know this alot coming from someone who aint in the army yet, let alone asking this question. Here goes, i would like to do the full 22 years, but i was thinking to be on the safe side, ill sign on 4 years and when thats up ill sign on for another 4 years and so on.

My questions:
1. whats the advantage of someone doing the above.
2. whats the advatage of someone signing straight on for the 22 years
3. If i sign of 4 years and when thats up and want to sign on for some more, could the army turn around and say "due to cut backs we cant sign you good bye"
You don't sign on as it were now! you have to serve four years, and then give 12months notice to leave. You are on an 'Open engagement' contract.
Sign up for 22 years? Sounds like the foreign legion lol
Jimima_Shark said:
There's a new engagement calledVersatile Engagement (VEng).

Basically you will sign up for 12 years and then progress onto 24 years if selected. Not sure when this starts for new recruits. Hope that helps.

it's already begun, I'm on VEng('Short'), which is 12 years, minimum 4 years 3 months, then your put onto army reserve for 6 years or the remainder of your contract if you leave after the minimum.

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