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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nik_kershaw, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. I am looking for some advice, I am looking to sign off but just short of my 12 years service. I joined up when I was 16 but have elected to stay with the old pension scheme. I am now 27 and was wanting to know if there is going to be that much diffrence between signing off now and getting a fullscrews pension or waiting until I reach my 12 year point. All the way through my career I have been told wait until my 12 year point, but how benifical is it to wait an extra couple of years for that?
  2. There is a pension calculator on the army website.

    Edited to add: Here
  3. Thanks, just going to work it all out
  4. ok, further on about signing off, I have known people who have got out of the army before their 1 years notice is up and just sacrificed their resettlement. Is this true and what are the restrictions? I am currently on tour and I am looking to move to Australia within the year if at all possible (visa application already submitted)
  5. If you joined at 16 and stayed on AFPS75, then your pension clock started running on your 18th birthday - so you haven't yet completed 10 years of pensionable service, IMHO.

    Remember that you have to give 12 month's notice.

    Have you looked at the resettlement entitlements? There may be a difference if you serve beyond 12 years.

  6. I am in the process of doing just that myself (early release, no Oz, much as I would like to)

    Due out in October, received a job offer on the 6th of this month and they want me to start ASAP.

    Back to work off leave on the 11th, spoke to Troop sgt, Troop commander, AO and RCMO, wrote letter to OC requesting early release, detailing what day I wanted my last day to be and when I would start new employment, attached letter from company as evidence.

    On the 17th I got a call from the troop sgt ( I was on yet more resettlement leave) telling me that the Regiment supports my request, now it was a matter for persons higher up, and the RCMO was sorting the required paperwork. I called the prospective employer and keep him updated, he says he needs answer by Monday. So this morning I tell troop sgt that I need answer by Saturday.

    An hour ago the troopy told me that we should have a final answer by tomorrow afternoon.

    If all goes to plan I should be out on the 9th of July, instead of the 15th of October.

    It really is as easy as that, provided that you have the full support of your chain of command, and preferably a job offer. Also it helps if you've kept your nose clean and not rubbed anyone up the wrong way.

    In the past, I've known of one guy be released early as his family were emigrating to Canada and he wanted to go with them, I think he was released straight away. Another, early this year, secured an apprenticeship and was gone 8 months early. We've even had one guy released early but kept 'on strength' until his ROD so he had 2 incomes for a few months.
  7. APC run PVR boards approx 3 per year to consider personnel for early release, a case must be submitted to them (approval will depend on the job that you are going for).

    You can do what is called IRT (Individual Resettlement Time) where you can do your own thing, however, this must be applied for in the normal way through your Resettlement Centre and be approved and authorised, you are not allowed to be in full time paid employment during this leave.

    At 12 years pensionable service you will recieve, if you leave after 12 years pensionable service, a Resettlement grant of approx £9000, that's why people are advising you to hang on. you will recieve a frozen pension at age 60 I believe, or it could be 65, either way it will be index linked then and will not be paid before that birthday.
  8. Is this a hybrid version of:
    GRT - Graduated Resettlement Time
    IRP - Individual Resettlement Preparation
  9. IRP, I stand corrected.
  10. I got notification through today that my application for early release had been accepted.

    It came from The Directorate of Manning (Army) in Upavon, and the important bits are as follows..


    A: QR 1975 para 9.327
    B: QR 1975 para 9.373
    C: QR 1975 para 9.425

    and the paragraph in the memo

    Exceptionally, using the authority in Reference A, authority is given for the above named to be transferred to the Reserve on 09 July 2008 under the terms of Reference B, QR 1975 para 9.373,as a special case not to be treated as a precedent.

    Good job they said yes, I already dekitted and had my Pre-Release medicals.
  11. [quote="At 12 years pensionable service you will recieve, if you leave after 12 years pensionable service, a Resettlement grant of approx £9000, that's why people are advising you to hang on. [/quote]

    Is this £9000 paid directly to you, or is it repayment? ie. You can claim upto £9000 for resettlement, provided you have proof. If you only spend £3000, you get that?

    I'm going through a similair thing and currently being told conflicting info

  12. Ex Tankie, it's a payment direct to you at the end of your service. It's called a Resettlement grant but isn't to do with Resettlement for the purposes you are thinking of.