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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by machiavelli, Oct 16, 2004.

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  1. What are the "rules" or understanding that concern leaving how much notice must i give what am i entitled to etc?

    Any ideas as the desert has begun to get to me..................
  2. 12 Months form the date of your signature, unless you are old enough to retain the PVR Rights (IE - you joined before 91).

    Also there is a minimum return of service (Was 3 years, recently changed to 4 years) on enlistment, or there is sometimes a time bar if you have transferred.
  3. Although you are expected to give 12 months notice, this contractual obligation contravenes certain employment regulations, so it is technically possible to leave sooner with a good brief.

    That said, no unit wants to employ people who don't want to be there. A good RCMO will be able to explore alternatives that might persuade you to stay - if available - and there is always QR(A)s 9.414 a.k.a "services no longer required", but that's at the CO's discretion.

  4. Do you know what these regulations are by any chance?
  5. Having gone through the mill, your application is considered by a board, normally consisting of your desk officer and his/her boss. A good excuse will earn a reduction in waiting time, particularly if backed up with the threat of legal action, unless MoD feel they have a very good case for retention of a specific person with a specific skill set.

  6. The threat of legal action ????

    How about honouring the fcuking Terms and Conditions of Service that you signed up for in the first place? Or am I just being old fashioned? :roll:
  7. PVR wait time can vary considerably. I have seen it change from 6 months (when I joined) to 18 months to 12 months. It is nominally a 6 month wait according to QRs - that was my "term of service" when I joined up!

    There was a case in the last few years when an RN senior rate took MoD to ECHR and lost; MoD made a convincing case that he was required as a refrigeration(!) expert and he could not be replaced if released early. The terms and conditions on the other side are far less generous! Look at what is happening to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme and the structure of the Army, with threats of redundancies! I am sure a few others could comment at length on manning control as well! So, b@llocks to the system, if it worked fairly for all it would be held in greater esteem and respect! :twisted:
  8. Ethel_the_Aardvark post
    Are you talking about the MOD honouring the soldiers TOS :lol:
  9. I Pvr'd in 2001. It took 3 months from start to finish. This included the standard bounce the form around without actioning it malarky. I was still entitled to resetlement, defered pension and a lump sum. The only thing I passed on was the resetlement as I didn't need or want it.
  10. I PVR'd in June 1996

    I went in front of my OC then CO who both tried to tell me I was making a big mistake, I showed them a contract for the new job I was starting. As soon as they realised I was serious I was gone in six days.

    I found de-kitting to be the biggest nightmare, the QM was a crusty old scrote who would die, smelly in the corner, he did everythign he could to make it hard fro me to leave on time.
  11. Good Answer, that Aardvark! (if just a little old-fashioned :D )

    Your TOS are:

    1. You have the right to breathe and to shoot / blow people up in wars
    2. You have the right to stop breathing if you get shot, blown up etc first
    3. You have the right to get really good at Right 1 in order to avoid Right 2

    The MOD has always honoured these TOS. They have also provided perks like top quality accommodation, fine food, most excellent clothing and equipment and even training in suitable trades. They even PAY you for the honour of serving your country!

    What more could you possibly want?
  12. Don't forget you also have the right to be taken to court for shooting at the enemy as well !

    Really makes it all worth while !

  13. It's been shown in Employment Tribunal that if you have a contract for legal employment outside the Armed Forces, and no fresh contract for employment (i.e. future posting order) has been issued for the period following your curent contract for employment (i.e. current posting order), and your new contract outside the Armed Forces begins only after your current posting order runs out, then it would be unfair of the Armed Forces to refuse you the right to resign and take up new gainful employment, regardless of how much time is left on your current posting.

    So right now, my posting order runs out in April. I have received no new posting order. If I were to obtain an offer of work outside the Armed Forces commencing in Apr 05, then I would be able to give only five months' notice and the Army could not force me to continue even though, technically, I would have to give between 7 and 12 months' notice, according to AGAIs.


  14. I have heard people get out in small lengths of time....there were rumours of people getting out when they were time barred as well. I don't know any of them so there ya go. But there has been lots of stories ie if you have a job lined up etc.
  15. And you're point was Jethro?