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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TAbloke, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. If I want to leave the TA, does anyone have any idea how long it would take for me to get my discharge papers? Thanks
  2. Just go, and shut the door on your way out! No drama.
  3. Problem is I'm joining the regs
  4. I would'nt have thought it would make any differance, when I was in the TA ,I did'nt want to do any more drill nights, or weekends, I got a phone call from the barracks asking if I was'nt coming in anymore, I said 'naa don't think so,' so she said 'well would you pop in and bring back your equipment,' so in I popped, handed in my equipment, I can't even remember if I signed anything, then walked out. A couple of weeks later I got my discharge papers through my door, 'reason for dismisal, at his own request,' and that was it, easiest thing in the world. :D
  5. Arrange to speak to your PSAO, and explain what you're doing and what your intake date is. He'll get the forms sorted out.

    Speak to your QM and see if you can keep your boots, as that might save you some dramas in Basic Training. Keep any other gear as well if you can, which will give you spares.

    Good luck.
  6. So you didn't even have the decency to let them know that you were no longer going to be attending?

    Jack cunt.
  7. Hey I told her that on the phone, suck my meat and two veg...with gravy on! :twisted:
  8. I signed off in 2005,the chief clerk,civvie clerk,said I would have to give at least 4 weeks notice.Don't know if they were taking the piss or what.or trying to convince me to stay on,but as I was weighed down with bergan,webbing,and all the other shite accrued over twenty years service.I dumped it in the QM's store and walked with tear in my eye and a lump in my throat(aye right).Some units don't deserve the decency of a 'phone call'.loyalty is a thing of the past,in this man's army.
  9. I agree, that's how it was for me, I was'nt in as long as you though, but decency? no way! the whole place was deserted except for one bloke in the stores and that was it, he did'nt even check the kit, even handed in my boots too, great boots they were, did three years in them, did a German and Denmark tour in them too, never let me down, no the only thing I miss was the boots, I should have kept them.
  10. Well had to make the decision to quit 2 weeks ago (after missus dragged me off beginning of CMSR course :twisted: ), went to my unit to hand my kit in and sign papers, but was told they didnt want me to leave and to persuade the missus to let me stay, and gave me a month to do so....

    well im back at my unit 2moro having persuaded her to let me stay as i didnt wantto quit in first place and she was just being a pain in the arrse

    not all units are bad
  11. When I decided to leave, I wrote in to the specialist unit, and was given a discharge date that was over nine months in advance, and by strange coincidence was the date my enlistment ended on anyway.

    I was told to drop off any kit to the nearest unit of my choice.

    I have to say, nobody contacted me to find out why I was leaving. (Probabally glad to see the back of me - I'lll say it before some other bugger does!)
  12. A) Tell us more.

    B) You may need to deploy the backhand to deal with her.
  13. well she hasnt been happy with me being in TA hour before i left to goto Lichfield she practically ignored me while crying. Having 2 kids and my oldest being 3, i needed to phone him before he went to bed the following day...which i did and she still wouldnt speak....after the first day finished and had to do admin, she basically told me if i stayed the 2 weeks then we would be my kids come first i had to make that decision to come home the next day, much to my annoyance but had no choice.

    Well i decided to quit as it was too much hassle with her, but unit gave me a month to decide as they didnt want me to quit....until last week i was resigned to quitting but we were arguing over money (since i wouldnt get any from TA) so i told her i wasnt quitting, so made a compromise and she okay about it now.

    Only problem is tho, i would of passed out on Saturday gone, and now cant get time off work to re-do cmsr until after xmas :twisted:
  14. The 4 lads that have gone reg from my platoon ALL took their 1157 with them and just got upscaled and some stuff replaced!
  15. Bit of confusion, your wife is goin mental at you being in the TA and you're planning on joining the regs?? Wtf happens when you're away for 14 weeks at an ATR not the 2 weeks done with TA CMSR?? Good luck to you, you sound like you need it.