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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stumpyi, May 11, 2004.

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  1. i am currently on attachment and want to sign off !
    my unit is in germany and i'm in uk
    can i sign off and do 12 months in uk or will i have to wait until my attachment finishes and my posting starts to do this???
  2. Individual circumstances are always hard to comment on. Have a chat with the chief clerk at the unit you are attached to.

  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    If you are on the Open or Notice Engagement and are past your 3 year, 3 month point then you can sign off whenever you want.

    Don't be fobbed off because you are attached, the contract you are on means that you can give 12 months notice at anytime (providing you have completed the time on your original contract obviously).

    The unit you are with now should be able to complete all of the paperwork for you and as a courtesy they should copy this to your parent unit (wouldn't hurt to get the Docs Supvr to ring up his opposite number and explain).

    Your 12 months notice starts from the day you sign the 6848 (signing off papers).
  4. I think your 12 months begins from the date you first indicated your desire to sign off (assuming you have completed the minimum service required). Most units have some form of tortuous interview process which culminates in you signing off, but this can take months.

    Stand your ground, date the 6848 (signing off form) the date you originally signified your intention to sign off, and threaten redress if they won't allow it.

    Alternatively, just date it today's date if you are not arsed!

  5. aaah heartbreak ridge, now theres a great film. the army as it should be!
  6. I signed off in a huff after the rsm jailed me for wearing issue boots. They were the then-new combat assault boots; he'd never seen them (the fat git had not seen his own boots over that gut for some years either) and called me a liar to my face, when I told him they were from Qand M footwear dept. He had me pogey'd around the base in front of my trainees. :evil: As soon as that little ritual was over I went in to the hq and demanded the papers. The sergeant wasn't keen - he said there was an interview procedure etc etc, but it turns out that it is the soldiers absolute right to sign off at any time (wars permitting) :D . So, as said, stand your ground and off you go. Good luck. Join the TA for that 'in the Army but still a human' sensation, it's much better.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Nice to see that it was a well thought through decision then!!!
  8. this is what the SAC appeal is designed to stop. how long ago?
  9. Sounds like a bit a harsh decision you made just because the RSM thrashed u a bit. BUT when ur on the outside and u can find witnesses then sue the arse of the redcoated fuckwitt for emotional distress. Seriously! Also its a failure on his professionalism for not keeping up with whats new and for balling u out in front of ur subordinates. And he (sorry pc lacking) or she probably hasnt seen anything new since brass buttons.
  10. I singed off after a certain Captain (Milan platoon commander) Said “I control your destiny cpl”
    No you don’t sonny, and off I went! And By the way stuff PSBC up your arrse
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Another well thought through decision! So who wins out of that little confrontation????? You sack your career to prove a point, some other guy gets promoted into your gap, the captian still serves on (probably p*ssing himself laughing that he DID actually control your destiny - he got you to sign off and now has a replacement NCO with a bit of motivation and doesn't have a chip on his shoulder),
  12. That'll teach you.
  13. Fatscalyback what rank were you when the RSM thrashed you in front of your crows? You should have been a man about it and knocked the fcuker out!
  14. Fatscalyback what rank were you when the RSM thrashed you in front of your crows? You should have been a man about it and knocked the fcuker out!
  15. Jezuzzzzz, have to agree with Greenback. I'd have asked to speak to him in private in his office, then knocked the fat fcuker out. His word against yours. Tell SIB he went for you again after ragging your arrse around the parade ground, so you defended yourself.