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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by pingu823, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    If I wanted to sign off, how quickly could I get out if I had a job offer and was all agreed by all concerned.

    Could anyone go through the process??? Tp OC is on leave and posted, no new Sqn OC. Can't contact the RCMO atm.

    Important career decision approaching.

    Thanks in advance for all constructive and piss take comments.

    Love you all

  2. How many times do you want to sing off? Keep to one forum knobba!
  3. I don't want to SING off at all.......... KNOBBA!!!!
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  4. Look on YouTube for the WW2 favourite "No more soldiering for me" or possibly the title is "When this bloody war is over, no more soldering for me"
  5. Hey Pingu,

    As far as I can remember unless you have been in long enough to buy yourself out (probably not) then you have to give the full 12 months notice like everyone else.

    The armed forces can't let people go willie nillie, if so we would'nt have a very stable head count would we?
  6. wei55y,

    I know a few guys are leaving well before their 12 months atm. Especially in the Signals. So I know it is possible. Just can't get hold of anyone at my unit as I'm on leave atm.
  7. Depends on how long you've been in and how vital your role is.

    If the Army's had their moneys worth out of you, you can be replaced, and have a genuinely pressing reason to leave, I can't see the CoC having too much of an issue with you signing off early, especially in the current climate. But then again, it is the Army.
  8. Sing off/sign off it's all the same to us blind *****! :)

    There's a couple of lads that have waived resettlement and leave to get out earlier - I'll have a word with them to see what the score is.
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  9. So long as you're past your minimum engagement when you leave the Army you can apply for early release. You have to provide documentary proof of a job offer and, I believe, you forfeit the right to any resettlement etc if you get it (although there's nothing to stop you signing off, doing as much resettlement as you can and then applying for early release).

    So far as I'm aware, anyone can apply for it. Whether you get it or not depends on how important you are to your unit and whether you can be replaced before your planned leaving date.
  10. 14 clicks on JPA. Just notify you CoC that you intend to terminate. I didnt do any resettlement, leave included even after 25 years service. They will allow you to leave early on a case by case basis. Mind you wish I took all I was entitled to now but hey ho.

    Forgot to add, flash to bang was 2 weeks.

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  11. You don't need proof of potential employment to get out on early release any more - at the moment DM(A) are happy to let anyone head out quickly on the early release scheme (I know the RLC have had someone out in 2 weeks).

    All that is, of course, assuming you're not in a pinch point trade...

    As for who can do it, there must be somebody there! Tp Comd, OC, Sqn 2IC, RCMO can't all be away surely!

  12. I am on leave atm, our Tp OC is away snowboarding, 2 weeks leave then posted. We have a new Sqn OC who is not around, cannot get hold of RCMO, tried calling him all day lol.

    Our regt has just got back off tour and potl, so everyone is away on AT or courses or in the process of getting posted.

    Thanks so far for the comments
  13. If you can't get the RCMO on the phone, have you tried popping to RHQ to see him? You might at least get their clerk...

    How about your Sqn 2IC? They'll do most of the G1 stuff anyways so might be useful to chat to.
  14. Go and see your RAO/RAOWO or someone of that nature. In a push your Adjt can probably speak to the CO and get things sorted that way (assuming you really can't wait a few weeks to get out).