Signing off.....

Does anyone know whether you are allowed to sign" back on" once you have pressed the button on JPA.I know you were allowed to withdraw your NTT a few years ago but has it changed now?And if so,is there a time frame for this option?
All depends on what corps/trade you are. With redundancies happening my best guess is no your fucked. You can always ask and see what it gets you. I hear McDonalds are recruiting.
My regt has an MCM brief last week and the guy's exact words were, "once you've put in your NTT you're out in a year." I took that to mean you're not getting back in or withdrawing it once it's gone through the system.
As already mentioned, if you are in a pinch point trade, then you have a chance of signing back on. Otherwise tuff titty, you should have thought it through in the first place!
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