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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by CMT2010, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. I have been in the army for 18 months, I have a young family and I want to look at the possibility of leaving. Is there a way out before my 4 year point. I just don't think the army is what I want to do.
  2. I know it's not what you want to hear but don't do it; civvie strasse sucks. Most of ARRSE is made up of squaddies who left long before their time (me included). You will never experience anything even close to it again. Leave now, and you'll be adding your army mates on Facebook and crying into a tin of Fosters within 10 years. Don't believe me, sign off and find out...
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  3. Or do you mean your wife doesn't want you to go on Ops ?
  4. Wot he said.
  5. Civvy St doesn't suck. It's true that your relationship with your work colleagues will never be as good as it is with your Army mates, but it's an unfair comparison. There's no more Sports Afternoons, AT, and sleeping off a hangover on the camnets, but you do get paid overtime, weekends off, and no Guard Duties. And if you keep off the roads there's fewer people trying to kill you.

    Whatever you choose, think long and hard before doing it.

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  6. Judging by your user name (and correct me if I'm wrong) all you'll have seen of the Army is one place, and if I'm right that place is a bit of a hole at the best of times.

    As for the 4 year restriction, bar getting some pencils and underpants and wearing them in a well known manner, you're stuck, you'll have signed the contract.........even if they may not have described it such.

    The advice that I will give you, which is the same as the advice I was given a long time ago - 'Four years is a long time, you better learn to like it.......'
  7. The biggest problem with civvy strasse at the moment is lack of jobs! Is sitting at home all day living off the state what you want to do?(****, I've just played a blinder for the "getting out" argument there!)
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    You have been in the Army for 18 months. I spent more time in training. Give it a go before deciding to jack it in. There are so many places across the globe that you could go to over the next 2 'n' half years, then even more if you stay in longer. I got out after almost 7 years. Sometimes I wish I had stayed in, sometimes not. But I am glad I didn't jack it in after 18 months, I would of missed out on so many experiences.
  9. My nephew has just done the same thing,he got out after 19 months and became a civvy in June.He has a trade and licences but has been unbale to find full time work.He has registered with four agencies and manages to get anything from 1 day per week to 5 days per week.I agree with first comments,he keeps in touch with his squaddie mates via "face ache" as they pop up around the world,Canada,Germany,Kenya and of course Afghan.He is gutted at what he has done but hey you make your choices you have to stand by them.You have a family to look after,think long and and hard and way up all the options.My personal opinion would be,you signed the contract,you must complete the service.
    You will never never have better colleagues than the ones you work with now,some of them will become friends for life so think about it,dont become another drain on our benefits system.
  10. Is it REALLY the job that's got you down? Is your boss a ****, is your wife whinging more than usual, does someone know what you did last summer?
  11. You can get out prior to the four year point... but the routes are quite desperate.

    Why not stay in, get some quals make and them work for you, and then leave? Look for what quals you may need, do you need to re do any GCSEs? Adventure Training? Medical?

    Civvie strasse at teh moment is quite unforgiving. Little in the way of jobs and the property market in general is expensive. Why not make yourself more employable and attractive in the mean time? And pick up a couple a grand a month.

    No point mowping around the garages/areas. Get fcuking out there and get some inspiration in your life. You will not serve your family well if you are not thrusting, in any direction green or not.

    Sit your frau down, and your kid and dog if neccesary, and talk things over. Can a problem be overcome? Who has te problem? You, her or both. Is the problem your time away? Percieved and actual? What is your plan in life? What will you do outside? Where will you live?

    If' you have only seen Keogh stand by for a world of change when you leave there.

    PM me for a more indepth chat of your problems if you wish.
  12. Don't do it mate, i got out 2 months back thinking being a squaddie would be a dead cert to getting a job. I could not even get a job working in a shop, and i was an 11 year full screw not a 18 month private drop out. Could not find anything in the UK so i find myself sat in Baghdad and i may as well be back in the bloody Army.

    Give your wife a kick to the face, she will appreciate it one day.
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  13. Sign off you cry baby whinging homo. The Army will be glad to see the back of you.
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  14. There are currently 2.5 million people unemployed in this country, and a big lack of social housing. So unless you have a job, and by job I mean a real one, not something your mates, dads, brothers is going to sort for you and a house to go to, do not leave. As others have said the, grass is not always green on the other side. If you are unhappy where you are why not look at transfering to another unit/regiment.
  15. Do the four and live with it, you may find that you eventually enjoy it. From a Recruiters point of view, as that is what I now do in civvy strasse, if it says you only served 18 months in the services the first thing that comes to mind is were they booted out for drugs? Then if I look a bit further I then ask why and if it looks like they have wimped out and they look like a non-hacker it is a no go, future employers aren't interested in somebody who looks indecisive and unable to see something through. Injured personnel are a whole different kettle of fish.

    So to reiterate a point made earlier, unless you have something solid to go to and a roof over your head for your family, I wouldn't bother. And if you are trying to duck out of a tour, serioulsy go and get a strap on for the missus, as that is what you are doing to all your mates who are going as well.

    As Target Stop readily points out the market in the UK is pants at the moment and even with 18 months experience you won't be able to find yourself in Baghdad.