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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by millsy, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Ive just began the process of signing off. I had an interview with my troop commander today. Which he asked me to write a letter stating the reasons why I wish to sign off. I have an interview with the 2IC tommorow morning. Hopefully Ill be able to sign off on JPA asap.
    Ive currently served 3 years 8 months. My question is if i have employment waiting for me on civvy street. How quick can I get out? If I completed the paperwork side tommorow and I had an offer of a job to start in a months time. Should they let me go? I may not get another job offer for months after. Ive been offered a job doing plumbing and thats what im trained to do by the army. I want to be out as soon as I can anyway.
    Id appreciate it if these questions are answered.

  2. Once you've signed off you can get a form from your friendly Combat Human Resources Specialist (the wheezy fat biff with the green hat on. You know the one that can't spell the days of the week on Part One Orders?), if it's approved you will be out in about 3 months.

    For your interview you could do what my mate Dave did and tell him you're getting out so that you can snort coke off birds' tits.
  3. As far as i'm aware, your CO can sign you off as soon as you've been de-kitted and there is no outstanding admin/welfare/medical issues to deal with, that might come back and bite someone on the arse
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    Can't see the point in getting the spelling correct when half of the ******* can't read anyway and the other half don't bother to read them anyway.
  5. Has to be ok'd by CO then MCM Div, hence the application form.
  6. The ******* that can't read them, don't get paid to communicate using the written word.

    You wheezy plebs could at least make an effort, you get enough time in sat on your arses "excused games".

    You can have these for **** all Doris:

    , , ,

    Treat yourself; our clerk let me have all the ones he didn't need from Thurbnesday's orders.
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    Made me giggle!
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Spaz, you say I could be out in 3 months. Even if you had a once in a life time job oppurtunity they can **** you off?
  9. Yeah, if they want to. It all depends on your CO and trade really, if you're in a pinchpoint trade, you may not get released. If your unit is well manned it's less likely to be a problem.