Signing off, ILA and other allowances

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Danm9, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Hello again everyone..

    I know there are many threads covering the subject of leave allowances for resettlement etc, but one question that i cant seem to find the answer to (without speaking to someone ont he unit, which i dont want to do yet), is if i signed off now (oct) would i still get my full ILA for use next year from april?

  2. Danm9,

    No, JSP 760 Para 1000.5 (available on Armynet) states you will get a proportionate amount of leave. Dependant on how long you will have served, you may be entitled to Graduated Resettlement Time.

  3. Yeah I understand that, but that is in addition to your remaining ILA for the year. What I want to know is, if i signed off before ILA got reset to the full years entitlement, would I still get it all (as well as the resettlement leave etc), or would it be cut, depending on how much time I had left before I was actually out

  4. No, you don't.:crash:
    Which part of "No, JSP 760 Para 1000.5 (available on Armynet) states you will get a proportionate amount of leave." do you not understand?

    As soon as you sign off on JPA, your ILA will be recalculated based on the fact you will not complete a full leave year before your termination date.

    If you sign off at the end of October your termination date will be 31 Oct 2011.

    you are therefore completing 214 days of a 365 day year. 214 divided by 365 = 0.586.

    0.586 times 38 (one years ILA) = 22.268. Round up that figure and you get 23 days leave.

    Your ILA for the leave year Apr to Oct 2011 will be 23 days.

    Add any Graduated Resettlement Time you are entitled to and Termination leave (1 day for every full month served up to a maximum of 20 days) if you have served over 6 months.

    JSP 534 Tri-Service Resettlement and JSP 760 Leave and allowances are available on Armynet and you should get to know the relevant parts of each right now.

    Good luck

  5. Thanks for the help ;)
  6. What about leave you carry over? is that additional?