Signing off! do i have to wait until my 3 year point?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by tmjns796, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Hello. My 3 years are up soon, but i will be away from a JPA terminal for 6 weeks after this point. I want to sign off as soon as possible. Can i sign off in advance, to be effective from my 3 year point? or will i need to get a mukka to do the '7 clicks to freedom' for me whilst away?
    i'm not warned off for opps, but will be 2 months after my 3 year point.
  2. In the old days you'd speak to a clerk and they could back date it for you. Does this still happen?
  3. Talk to your chain of command, you will have to have all the interviews first any way.
  4. What are you going to do when you get out? I'm not getting all retentiony on you but there ain't no jobs in civvy street....
  5. I'm sure u can't sign off till you have done 4 years minimum but could be wrong... (usually am)
  6. My one post before the thread gets derailed........yes there are. Lots, if you're prepared to work hard and look for them. I've never been out of work since I left the forces.
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  7. You have got to have served for 4 years min, So if he signs off after 3 by the time he works his years notice he will have done 4. What he cant do is ask for early release if a job comes up.
  8. Roger D thanks for the correction.... Why he would want to with the current climate is strange but hey ho not everyones cup o char
  9. I agree however each to his own and at least he has done more for the country by doing 4 years than a lot of people and he is getting out of his own free will, I am out in 2 years and it is not by choice. But then I have had a lot of notice of getting out.
  10. Just go home, no one will ever notice, honest!
  11. Wow, seriously, wow.

    You're really as thick as pig shit.
  12. I was a dirty Civvy before I joined 'gods green army' i did about 5 years of spanners (3 year aprentaship + 2 years work) joined with my NVQ L3 with promise of fast track class 1 VM, £2500 golden handshake, not getting any of that, apparently it doesnt exist any more?. the army is not for me, I'm too week :) . I have a Job waiting for me where I used to work, Also friends of family with driving jobs e.t.c so there is plenty of work out there, most of it is just over top level Cfn wages. (thats all im guna get in the army considering my last SJAR/MPAR :) )
    My Coy Clerk says I am to do 3 years service, apply for 'Early Termination' on JPA, and then have an interview with the RCMO? As soon as I have a strong job offer in writing, I am to apply to leave.
    staying or going to my new job is at the discression of the CO and MCM Div. so i'm goin to get royaly F*cked over again :-(
  13. they have a duty of care to ensure its a verifiable and real job offer and ot ensure its not just going ot disapear the second your actually out that means they know you know what your doing and not about ot end up on the streets smoking crack etc , the second part about it being at there discression means wether its in the army's intersts to retain you untill your earliest out date or to let you go into a bright new future, keeping your nose clean and playing hte game often helps getting early realese although being a buffon and an admin biff can extend it just in ther intersts of mucking you about because of all the extra paperwork your generating for them, if your way is not in the green then theres not need ot be a complete arse about getting out, that includes things like dont sit around the workplace or naffi slagging everyone off becos it gets noticed especially if you drag down the moral of others
  14. Thanks for the reply nanotm, i dont intend to be a pr*ck about it, just had enuf. play the game till my time is up then get promoted to Civvy :)
  15. Not required, you can sign off first.